by grammapt 15 Feb 2009

Hi cuties! I missed the T and the X on Amazings Hearts and Flowers. Could you please vote for those two after the U??? Thanks!! Peggy T (that's especially why I need the T!)


by kathyjt 15 Feb 2009

Will do. *4u

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grammapt by grammapt 16 Feb 2009

Thank you! *

by lbrow 15 Feb 2009

We will do our bes to get these 4 u. I believe the u will come up tomorrow. & I do believe someone has already asked us to vote for the L. Ssoooooo that means we vote for L tomorrow on Mon. Then T on tues & X on wed, If I am wrong somone please correct me, & tells us the correct order, Letvia usually heads this up . Has anyone heard from her lately? I sent her a pm but she hasn't answered.. *

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grammapt by grammapt 16 Feb 2009

Thanks!!! *