by ejtads 11 Feb 2009

Here is the link:


by marjialexa Moderator 11 Feb 2009

Gentle reminder? I see SO many of these freebie posts that start with "I don't know if this has been posted...". If EVERYONE who posts freebies would use the tag "designs" from the drop-down menu INSTEAD of 'general', then you could sort by that topic and see immediately if it's been posted yet, or at the worst, take the time to go through the other posts. I wrote a tutorial about posting freebies for Veronika, but I don't think it's been read by a lot of people. If you search, on the left hand side of the screen, just click the choice 'tutorial', you should be able to find it and several others fairly quickly. Thank you SO much for your cooperation. Marji

sissibrode by sissibrode 11 Feb 2009

I have this (good) habit! :o)

iris2006 by iris2006 11 Feb 2009

Agree with Marjialexa, I often post the link to your tutorials in the answers of newcoming Cuities. But I also wonder who read the tutorials. You did such an amazing job Marji. Thank you for that.

marjialexa by marjialexa 12 Feb 2009

Thanks, Sissi and Iris, I appreciate it. It works so nice when everyone cooperates. Wish we could have the tutorials up at the top for all to see, somehow. Hugs, Marji

by sandy38001 11 Feb 2009

very nice, thank you, now if Ican just remember the rest of them. ***

by dcordell 11 Feb 2009


by ezzemml 11 Feb 2009

thanks for the reminder I love there designs.

by kathyjt 11 Feb 2009

thanks *4u