by caydebug 10 Feb 2009

Back Side of the design


by michelej 12 Feb 2009

Great effort...

by gerryvb 11 Feb 2009

is this realy the back-side? it lokks like the good side. My back-side always look as the back-side:)

by marjialexa Moderator 11 Feb 2009

I agree with what Ricky said, Caydebug. The back side of embroidery is not meant to be seen, and you should be using bobbin thread in your bobbins, not embroidery thread! Besides being a waste of embroidery thread, the bobbin thread is usually a bit thinner, making your design less dense. The beck can never come out as good as the front! Heavens, no wonder you're having a problem. Other than that little bit of outline you already know about, the front looks very nice. Use bobbin thread and don't worry about the reverse side. Marji

by stickmuster 11 Feb 2009

so a pretty clown, *************

by ezzemml 11 Feb 2009

He looks a sad little fella cute though. nice colouring.

by mpo14011 11 Feb 2009

Another question. What did you stitch it on? and how much stabilizer did you use? From the looks of it, you should have used at least 2 layers of tear away stabilizer. As there is no difference between tear away and iron on, I recommend tear away because it is easier to remove.If you digitized it to go on cotton, then you should stitch it out on cotton. If you want it to go on another fabric, such as blanketing, you should set your fabric setting on your digitizer to blanket.

by misscharlie 11 Feb 2009

Oh dear this backside is a perfet picture of the front side. That being said your design is not FSL so your backside and frontside will never look "picture perfect". If you have digitized this design then I am sorry to say but you must digitize it as a FSL design if you want to show front and back. Great work on this design *

by mpo14011 10 Feb 2009

Firstly, you don't have to use matching thread in the bobbin. Coats bobbin fill is designed for that. I don''t know what your machine is but on the Janome 300E the tension is 2.when you use the bobbin fill you can tell if your tension is correct by looking on the back. You should have the top thread come through to the back slightly.Apart from that it is really hard to tell from the picture.
If you suspect it is the bobbin, don't touch the tension screw. Let your dealer do that. You will have a dickens of a job getting it right. It has been set at the correct tension in the factory.

lenamae by lenamae 11 Feb 2009

Mpo14011 I have often wondered if I should use the same color in a bobbin.

mpo14011 by mpo14011 11 Feb 2009

Only when you are doing FSL.I use the white bobbin fill for all the colours except black or very dark brown. Then I use black bobbin fill.You are wasting embroidery thread if you use it in the bobbin. Bobbin fill has been manufactured to go in the bobbins.