by jayemcee46 10 Feb 2009

and can't find any news of Meganne, does anyone know how she is? I haven't been here for a few days and I do hope that she is OK. The last I know is she was in hospital for more surgery and she has been in my thoughts.

I'm having surgery myself today. It has been put several times for various reasons and I fully expected it to be put off again as the weather here has been bad. Our hospitals locally have been inundated with an increase in accident cases.

My surgery is minor and I should only have an overnight stay. I will check back before leaving to see if anyone knows about Meganne though. Take care everyone Jo


by blhamblen 10 Feb 2009

Prayers are with you for you and your Dr's.

by jayemcee46 10 Feb 2009

thank you all for your answers and your good wishes - I shall be back soon to catch up on all the news,projects etc Happy sewing and * for you all Jo

by mops Moderator 10 Feb 2009

I hope the surgery goes as planned and you recover soon.

by gerryvb 10 Feb 2009

you can find some answers here, see link. And for you: hope you recover soon, get well soon please!

by marietta 10 Feb 2009

If you look under nonna57's messages in the Questions, you will see that she has placed some messages about Meganne. See visits her in hospital often. Hope you find it

by jasanne 10 Feb 2009

Hi, links below to the most recent posts I have seen about Meg. I pray your surgery goes well also.

by camylow 10 Feb 2009

I am glad to hear your surgery will only be an overnighter. I will pray for you during and afterwards.....take care of yourself...

by marietta 10 Feb 2009

I pray you will get well soon. Look after yourself

by tindo 10 Feb 2009

Hi Jay good luck with your surgery keep a chin up...see you back here real soon.
if you go to community page under Miss loretta there is a box to type in a cutie's name type in Meganne and you will find what Meganne had written while you were away. I hope this will answer your question.

by toet 10 Feb 2009

My thoughts are with you,i hope it all goes well,please give us an update when you are home for you

by manami 10 Feb 2009

Jo, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself. Love,Yoriko