by nonna57 09 Feb 2009

Meg messaged me to pass on Hugs n Roses n tons of love right back to all :)


by quiltgrama 10 Feb 2009

Hugs and roses right back at her. Get well soon. Lisa

by lbrow 09 Feb 2009

I hope she is doing well & will b home soon

by manami 09 Feb 2009

I also hope she is resting. I know she is a very active person, making it difficult to take it easy, but now, she has too. Send her my love. Thank you Pauline for letting us know. Hugs&love, Yoriko

by nonmusicmom 09 Feb 2009

I have an aunt who had both hips replaced and 1 knee and 1shoulder before she passed away from ARDD. She said the P.T. was always worse than the surgery itself. I hope she gets stronger soon so it won't be so tuff.

by blhamblen 09 Feb 2009

Sure hope she was smiling when she said that...SHE better be resting...or Else...dum de dum dum!