by minnieb 09 Feb 2009

over 1000 houses gone whole Towns gone

that means some people have loss there house clothes animals and family , not only have they loss everything but now they have to bury there dead that means they have nothing but still have to pay for funerals ,AND YOU THINK YOU HAVE PROBLEMS
they can't even go home to see what they have lost as it is a crime scene


by camylow 10 Feb 2009

I think everyplace in the world has been hit with tragety in some form or another,,,sonomees, volcanoes, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, floods, then there is the violence. For those of us who believe in the word of God, we know there is more of this to come. Sometimes we do and say things in a moments time without realizing the impact it may have on others who are experience a tragety at that moment. For the person who is in the tragety,
things magnify more, for those who say things, they
do so because at THAT moment they are upset or questioning...I do not think anyone here is belitteling the events happening in your home area...It seems that everyone here is hurting on the amount of destruction that is taking place and many of heads are bowed and knees are lowered in an effort to somehow bring RELIEF,peace, love, support and help to you guys. I know my heart hurts and tears fall hearing what is happening there....I pray God answers our prayers soon for you///

by gerryvb 10 Feb 2009

it's awful, send my prayers to all of you who lost so much. It must be very hard!

by marietta 10 Feb 2009

Hear, hear !!!. I tend to agree with you. I just know we are all thinking of the poor people in Australia. It is really heartbreaking.

by toet 10 Feb 2009

Minnieb i know you are upset and hurt,we are all hurting in AUSTRALIA,TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND CALM DOWN. We are all trying to cope with this tragedy that has touched our lives.

by ezzemml 10 Feb 2009

minnieb the last I heard on the news is over 200 deceased and as they are searching there will be more 176 confirmed and 50 more still not identified. May they rest with in peace and these people would of been terrified it would not of been a peaceful passing. And imangine what wild life and pets and livestock that were lost. It has cooled down here now but we still have the wind.

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mpo14011 by mpo14011 10 Feb 2009

Yes, and worse still, the fire creates it's own wind.It is so scary.

by grummy 09 Feb 2009

My understanding of reports on TV the Federal Government is paying for the funerals. Although this will ease the finacial burden NOTHING will erase the memory from their hearts and minds. As a child of 12 years old my family was burnt out of our house (not by bushfire -which has to be 100 times as bad) and even to this day it is still fresh in my mind, and that was 52 years ago.

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minnieb by minnieb 09 Feb 2009

goverment is puting in $5000 it cost more than that for a funeral we know we had one late last year,we nearly lost our house about 8 years ago friends lost there house , where are you

by nonmusicmom 09 Feb 2009

I think we are all aware of the tradgides around us, and I don't think anyone has thier nickers in a knot. There are a few people who had some questions and they asked them . That's all it is plan and simple.

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minnieb by minnieb 09 Feb 2009

wow .on the defence
what and there is no bitcheness or judgment on this site lets ask Eric about that one

by manami 09 Feb 2009

And the fire is still out of control...My God, this is so sad...and they need all kind of help now. I wonder if the donation collected until now, couldn't go to this cause, I saw on TV they've created a bank account specially for this. I'm sure Ms Loretta would gladly agree with it. Minnie, thank you for posting this, so thoughtful of you. Love&blessings, Yoriko.

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minnieb by minnieb 09 Feb 2009

Yoriko we can give money but it is never going to give these people back there loved ones it is sad , and at the moment they are in survival mode wait till the full impact hits them .
that is a great idea I didn't think of that ,