by nonna57 08 Feb 2009

Gosh we had some good laughs. I passed om your regards & love. She asked me to send her love also. She will tell all when home. Getting a bit down as she is worried about the wedding, not being at home to organise things. So hopefully you will see her her at least on wed. Till then cheers


by toet 09 Feb 2009

Please give my best wishes to Megs,i think of her daily.

by marjialexa Moderator 09 Feb 2009

Thanks, Pauline, sure appreciate the update! She remains in my best thoughts & prayers! Love, Marji

by sqdancer 09 Feb 2009

As always thank you nonna for bringing us up to is just great that some cutes are out there close enough to visit and report back to us how our dear friends are doing when they are having problems be they health or just plain daily troubles...we are such a loving family...Hugs to you and Meg xxxxx

by marietta 09 Feb 2009

Thanks for letting us know, Hugs and flowers for you both

by grandmamek 09 Feb 2009

thank you for updating us.

by iris2006 09 Feb 2009

Thank you for the update and I hope that she soon will be home an will not overdo to prepare the wedding.

by gerryvb 09 Feb 2009

thanks for the update,hope everything goes well!

by mops Moderator 09 Feb 2009

Thanks for the update Pauline.

by giddygoat 09 Feb 2009

Thank you Pauline for keeping us updated on Meg. Hope she recovers quickly.

by manami 09 Feb 2009

Thank you Pauline for the good news! She's been in my thoughts constantly. She needs to rest as much as possible for her wedding. Love&hugs,Yoriko

by blhamblen 08 Feb 2009

THANX "P" I really wish that one or ALL of us could be there to step in and do all her running for the wedding. I'm sure that what she does or doesn't get done THE Wedding will be perfect!

by dkjack 08 Feb 2009

Thanks for the update. Hope she doesn't overdo preparing for the wedding when she does get home.

by dailylaundry 08 Feb 2009

Thank you - thank you for the update! Please give her our love when you talk to her again...she has so much on her "plate" - Bless her heart!!

by kttyhwk4 08 Feb 2009

Thanks for the update as we've been concerned.

by raels011 08 Feb 2009

Thanks for the update