by dpickel 08 Feb 2009

3 different sleep mask patterns from EmbLibrary. They have coordinating patterns for matching jammies! Haven't had time to do those just yet.... The masks were quick and fun to do. Done all in the hoop. Can use elastic or ribbon to tie on to your head. Great instructions available on the website. I used flannel on 2 masks for backing and some satin-like frabric on the top one shown. (I bought a remnant of unknown fabric from a bin to use as test fabric to see what happens when embroidered - it felt soft against the skin, so it became my backing.... LOL)


by Freedesigns60 21 Dec 2018

how do I download these masks?

pennifold by pennifold 21 Dec 2018

These masks are from Embroidery Library and were posted back in 2009. If you go to that website you will need to look for them. Kind regards Chris, Newcastle, Australia

pennifold by pennifold 21 Dec 2018

You can purchase the whole set for about $22.00 or individually. Love Chris

Freedesigns60 by Freedesigns60 28 Dec 2018

Thank you both very much for replying. Much appreciated.

by grobin 17 Nov 2015

Well done.

by toogie 17 Nov 2015

Love the masks and thread color choices. Really pops on this black fabric,too.

by Niacea 16 Nov 2015

Great Job !!!!
They're so cute :)

by bemara 28 Oct 2015

Wow, they look great ! :-))

by sjbrower 28 Oct 2015

These are adorable..... cute designs, and well done!

by connerj 28 Oct 2015

Great colors - should help wake them up when the masks are removed!
Love your work :)

by pldc 27 Oct 2015

well done ~hugs~

by laffma1 27 Oct 2015


by pennifold 27 Oct 2015

I think Trevor would like one of these sometimes! Great job on them all, love Chris

by noah 27 Oct 2015

SEW VERY CUTE!!!!!hugs

by dragonflyer 27 Oct 2015

Very nice!!

by dianed 27 Oct 2015

how do I download free pattern.

by michelej 12 Feb 2009

Love the designs.....

by lbrow 11 Feb 2009

These r cute *

by nicobean 09 Feb 2009

GÉNIAL tres bonne idée , beau travaille

by cracker 09 Feb 2009

CUTE CUE CUTE!!!! these are adaorable!! I have a mask here at home, Hmmmmmmm Great idea. I agree with ear masks too. LOL

by lv2sew 09 Feb 2009

O M G !!!I bought the exact designs a couple weeks ago and haven't had time to stitch them out yet...They look great...I had planned on using elastic on that what you used? Awesome work!

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dpickel by dpickel 09 Feb 2009

Yes, I use elastic. I found I needed an addition 1/2 inch to what they called for the feel comfortable on my (big?) head! LOL

by gerryvb 09 Feb 2009

well they are cute, are their matching covers for the ears? my husband can make a lot of noise too, when he sleeps hehe!

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toogie by toogie 17 Nov 2015

lol-don't they all?

by manami 09 Feb 2009

Wow, they look great!!! Well done!

by lenamae 09 Feb 2009

really neat I looked in the store a long time for one of these My husband likes to watch TV in bed and I want to sleep and the tv flashing from one seen to another bothers me.