by ashta 07 Feb 2009

Also check out the design fest hunt info there to. Several cute alphas and designs to look for


by sissibrode 07 Feb 2009

Thanks *

by ruarbl2 07 Feb 2009

hi the only ones i found today for sweet magnolias are not freebies
i did find the a-f of scroll rose alpha have you found any more
i did find 20 different alpha and numbers from a variety of sets do they change this everyday?

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ashta by ashta 09 Feb 2009

not sweet magnolias but the scroll floral one this month... and the other freebies are part of the design fest hunt. Look for the link that says design fest hunt info on either site and it will list the participating sites.

by ashta 07 Feb 2009

I have found as a hint for you all on designs n bears... just go to the search and type download and you get the store hunts as well as the dfh ones :-)

marymoore by marymoore 07 Feb 2009

wow thank u

maleah by maleah 07 Feb 2009

you are so knowledgeable

carinwatkins by carinwatkins 08 Feb 2009

Thanks a million - You've saved me a lot of time.

ashta by ashta 09 Feb 2009

ur very welcome... I jsut try to find easier ways for me lol.. i don't have much time these days between school and kids :-)

by marymoore 07 Feb 2009

i have been doing the feb design hunt sofar i only have 84 files out of 200 lol