by caydebug 04 Feb 2009

I'm so new at it, I have not figured that part out yet. Of course it's probly in the help menu, but I didn't check there. Figured I could ask you Cuties and get the answer faster.



by mops Moderator 06 Feb 2009

Saving your.eof during digitizing is always a good idea, even if you are not interrupted. If you mess up you can always go back to the latest file and start from there.

by manami 05 Feb 2009

You had a great answer from our dear Meganne. Happy digitizing :) hugs,Y

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caydebug by caydebug 06 Feb 2009

Thanks. Everyone here is so much help to us newbies. I'm learning more everyday and still got so much to go. Can't wait untill I get a whole one completed all the way to stitch out lol.

by meganne 05 Feb 2009

Just select File\save or save as,(whatever name you choose) it will save as .EOF file and you can come back anytime.

If you are working in Editor you can choose, save workspace and it will save your work as an .EEF file so you can come back later and keep working.

I keep a Folder called Work in Progress and make sure I save Studio and Editor files to that all the time so I can always find them.

hope this helps. hugs n roses, Meganne

sissibrode by sissibrode 05 Feb 2009

Hi do this too *

caydebug by caydebug 06 Feb 2009

Thanks so much. Been busy just now getting back to you. I'm tring so hard to learn how to do this, but with Mom, sometimes I have to quit and wasn't sure how to get them back. Kept saying as a pes and starting over. Checked all the Help files and it didn't say. Now I can have some fun. Once again Thanks to everyone. *4 all

by mpo14011 05 Feb 2009

I am not sure how it works in Embird, but in Digitizer Pro, I go the the top left hand corner and click on File, then on Save As and save it in the file of my digitizer, which is JAN. If you save in the file of Embird you can always go back and either finish digitizing or change anything that might need to be changed. Hope this helps.

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caydebug by caydebug 06 Feb 2009

Thank you for your help. Everything helps. I'm catching on, but slowly. I guess thats the best way to do, is learning a little at a time so that it does not overwhelm you.