by ejtads 04 Feb 2009

The Stitchery Mall has the letter E up.


by gerryvb 08 Jul 2011

oh dear, this post is from febr 4 of 2009 so don't expect the E letter now .......

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lindalee757 by lindalee757 08 Jul 2011

I know gerry-wonder who thought it would be entertaining to bring it back lol

by lindalee757 08 Jul 2011

LOL-That was cute-I read the message-didn't recognize the members name THEN looked at the date.....didn't even bother checking, but how many fell for that one-we just barely got the "D"-the "E" wouldn't be up that quick-I do love the maidenfern alpha. tho ~linda~ July 8,2011

by mary51 08 Jul 2011

thank you!

by jofrog2000 08 Jul 2011

See why we need to date each post?

by noah 08 Jul 2011

this is yesterdays letter here???

by dlonnahawkins 04 Feb 2009

Thanks for keeping us posted - I am glad that we have cuties looking after all of these alphabets for us.

by jrob Moderator 04 Feb 2009

thanks for the reminder. Do you think you can remind me next winter that I have them? hehehe;)

by migs 04 Feb 2009

oH, THK YOU for the reminder; I was worried I had missed the letter. Sure glad you cuties are kind enough to jog our ol' brains. *:*thks

by gerryvb 04 Feb 2009

here is the link , enjoy the beautiful E

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lindaavolio by lindaavolio 04 Feb 2009

Thanks! *4 for ALL

by lindaavolio 04 Feb 2009

Could you give a link? Thanks

by adelmarie 04 Feb 2009

thanks a lot for the heads up

by sissibrode 04 Feb 2009

thanks *