by cordura5 02 Feb 2009

I member of my congregation just had a baby boy and I was wondering what sort of ideas are out there of things I could make for the newborn? I see that a onesie is an idea, but what about others?


by lbrow 02 Feb 2009

My grand Daughter says Burps & Bibs r the 2 things she needs the most of. You have gotten excellent ideas that should keep u busy . *4U

by blhamblen 02 Feb 2009

I did a white fleece blanket with ALL the baby info..Complete name,date,time,day of the week, weight, length and name of the Hospital...If it for a christening then just do name, date,church and a small cross * a saying like: baby name then "a child of God" is very nice(Meganne did some VERY nice small crosses in designs by cuties)

by sanc 02 Feb 2009

A terry cloth hooded towel, a quilt, a flannel or fleece blanket embroidered as desired.

sanc by sanc 02 Feb 2009

Check out the projects under childrens wearables at There are many ideas as well as videos.

sanc by sanc 02 Feb 2009

Check out the projects under childrens wearables at There are many ideas as well as videos.

by camylow 02 Feb 2009

a play matt with colorful designs to keep his attention when placed down...a growth chart is also a nice gift, especially if you could embroidery their nursery theme on it.

by jrob Moderator 02 Feb 2009

Google Heirloom Handkerchief and Bonnet and that is a great gift.

by becky45 02 Feb 2009

You can buy a pack of diapers and embroidery baby stuff or their name on it.I bought quilted material and cut out bibs..then I took seam binding and sewed across the top first then around the bib leaving a good bit at the top on each side for tying. Then I embroider a baby thing on it..I also cross-stitched by hand and used "tear sway waste canvas". They turned out cute.

by kathyjt 02 Feb 2009

I brought them back to the top if you would like to see. They are in projects.

by kathyjt 02 Feb 2009

I have bought a blanket put the babies name on it. I have post one in projects a while back. Everyone just loved it.

by kttyhwk4 02 Feb 2009

Burp cloths as well as quilts and of course wall hangings of alphabets, toys, animals. Good luck on your selection.

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tellisa by tellisa 02 Feb 2009

Nappy bags are still popular and sheet sets as well as baby muslin wraps done with redwork embroidery