by handy 02 Feb 2009

Stitch Delight

Mystery Gift 2?


by mooie24 11 Apr 2012

this is a very old post.. so most prob quite out of date im afraid :-0
big hugs from London - Maria xx

bevintex by bevintex 11 Apr 2012

from 2009

mooie24 by mooie24 11 Apr 2012

nice to re visit though lol

by dianelemay 11 Apr 2012

i downloadedpatchwork ds2033 the instructions are incomplete

by 2createit 03 Feb 2009

I had no problems collecting freebies, login, logout each time a different freebie, ended up with 7 designs from a fsl butterfly, the 4 leaf clover ornament, a block etc....
Thanks for the link handy and thanks for the freebies Daleen.

by stitchdelight 03 Feb 2009

Thanks girls for all the questions regarding the mystery freebies on my website. First of all don't confuse the 3 per day freebies with the mystery freebies, the 3 per day is the freebies you can locate at a lot of the sets, search for example AE004 and you will see a 'freebie to download' button, now such freebies you can download 3 per day. The mystery freebies are additional freebies, and is intended to make it fun to browse while getting a gift every now and again, for the moment we have restricted it to one such freebie per visit, so if you login, and browse, you will receive it, when you logout and back in you will receive another. We fist wanted to test it to make sure it works ok and not let people hop from one page to the next to collect freebies, remember the original intent of a free design is so that you can test the quality of a designers work and to thank you for your support and for looking at the designs we have for sale. We have found that some people's security settings on their PC prevent the teddy from popping up, so make sure your popup killer is set to accept popups while visit There was some freebies giving a error when trying to unzip, I have re-uploaded all the zips so they should be fine now, if you experience problems - email me at - Any further questions please make use of the StitchTalk forum at for fast assistance.
Warm Hugs

modo by modo 03 Feb 2009

I try to download ae004 , it does not work*

blhamblen by blhamblen 03 Feb 2009

THANX Daleen for setting things straight!

by toet 03 Feb 2009

I have given up on trying to log in,its a pity as they seem to have alot of pretty fsl. *4U

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stitchdelight by stitchdelight 07 Feb 2009

Toet please email me at and I will gladly assist you to login ;0)

by adelmarie 02 Feb 2009

I am completely lost on this one... :(

by solosew 02 Feb 2009

OK, I also had some problems at this site. I found that everytime I logged in, the first page I came to, after it was done loading, a circle with a teddy bear or something would appear - I clicked on it and then a file to download would appear. The directions seem to imply a max of 3 downloads per session, but I could never get another page to offer a download link. I doubt they had this in mind, but I found if I logged out, logged back in and then opened a page, a new download would appear each time. The problem is, it appears to be random which ones show up - I don't think they are related to a page. So I've had some show up 3 times, and others none at all. I've decided it's too much work to get anymore...

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by handy 02 Feb 2009
Computer is funny today.

kharriman by kharriman 02 Feb 2009

What's going on with it?

kharriman by kharriman 02 Feb 2009

I couldn't get that one to download so I could open it properly. I even made sure to unzip it.

handy by handy 02 Feb 2009

don't know that you missed that much.
It's a tiny fls 4 leaf clover.