by caydebug 28 Jan 2009

than the one I have which ie 4x4. I've found one on Ebay that is priced nicely and has lots of extras. It's a ELLAGEO ESG3 COMBINATION SEWING and EMBROIDERY MACHINE. Do any of you Cuties use one or know good a machine this one would be. I have a Brother and love it, but this one is such a deal. Any input would really help. Thank you ahead of time.


by debleerl 28 Jan 2009

Ditto, Marji. I have a Janome 10001 and can't sew anything fancy and embroider at the same time. Of course I can still use the serger or my ever faithful 40 year old straight stitch/zigzag only machine. My hubby laughs when he hears 2 machines going at the same time.

by katydid 28 Jan 2009

I agree with Marji. Service is everything. What dealers are near you? I love my Bernina,but if you are not able to get free lessons or service, it doesn't matter what you have.Most of all the machines came out with "super-duper" new models this year, which should have plenty of trade ins available with dealers. They would come with a warranty and instructions. Good luck sweetie!!!

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by marjialexa Moderator 28 Jan 2009

Hi, caydebug!! I understand you're far away from dealers where you are, but I would caution you about purchasing a machine you can't try out and can only 'trust' the person selling it to you. If it's not right, how are you going to get it fixed? Will you have to pack it up and mail it? Who's going to show you how it works? I'm probably spoiled rotten with a super-wonderful dealer only 20 miles away, but they are such a huge help! She got me into my Janome 300E brand new for much less than my late DH was willing to pay. She talked me out of the more expensive machine, because she said I didn't need all the bells & whistles, and was perfectly right! I got software, instead, which is much more useful. They also talk me thru problems on the phone, give me free lessons on both software and machine, and I haul the machine down there for warranty and non-warranty work, which I never get charged for. Perhaps you can get your sister to help you find one where she lives, so she can try it out & get the warranty and information on it. Nothing against eBay or the good sellers there, but that kind of big purchase would scare me witless. By the way, the Janome 300E should be pre-loved somewhere, especially since the 350E came out, and it has both 4x4 & 5x7 sewing fields, super-easy to use, and almost never has problems. It's an embroidery-only machine. I also have a Janome sewing only machine, I personally like having the ability to embroider & sew at the same time, instead of having the combination where you can only do one thing at a time. Best of luck to you, and to your Mom, too. Marji

katydid by katydid 28 Jan 2009

Good answer!!

caydebug by caydebug 29 Jan 2009

Thanks to al of you. Good information Marmji. The machine I have now does both, but believe me, this home is machine poor. I have a Brother I just pruchased last year, 2 Singers that are Moms, a Pfaff serger, and up stairs is a Pfaff leather machine that my late beloved Daddy took apart to work on for Mom ( you know the way that men work on things) and has never been put back together. So sewing has been in our family since I was 5 or 6. Oh yeah, I forgot about the tiny Jannome My Little Kitty that I bought for the Granddaughters for Christmas in 07. I do think that I will work with Sis and go that route.
You guys are the best. Always helpful always kind.
I love being here.

marjialexa by marjialexa 29 Jan 2009

Oh, Cayde, I wanted that Kitty machine and my dealer said I couldn't have it!!! She about swatted me upside the head and said I needed a real machine, and I should embroider a kitty & paste it on the big machine. So I did. Hee hee hee. I just wanted it cause it had a kitty on it....

by bikermomfl 28 Jan 2009

go to your local joanns and check out the previously loved husqvarna's, you'll get such a deal

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clawton by clawton 28 Jan 2009

You can start with the basic and trade up. They have a great trade up deal if you do it within a year. Yes right now they should be having some great deals with machines that have been traded in, floor models and etc.

by ruthie 28 Jan 2009

Hi caydebug, I'm not familiar with that machine, but stick around here, I'm sure someone either has one or knows something about it. Barb gave you some good advise, visit your local dealer - if they have the same machine, take it for a test-run. Also *google* it - read the customer reviews. In other words find out as much about it as you can before you decide. You can never have too much info. Hugs and flowers sweetie, and I hope you'll be happy whatever you decide.

caydebug by caydebug 28 Jan 2009

Thanks. I spent part of yesterday on the phone with my Sis and we did that. It's so hard to waiver from what you have, yet the 4x4 sewing field has spoiled me and I want to go bigger. I will try to find a place close to here that I can try one out. She lives in NC so maybe she could find one faster than me and try it out for me. Where I live in WV, not much is local. I would have to drive 100 miles or more. I take care of my elderyl Mother who has Altz. and is currently taking chemo for lung cancer ( all is going great, Bless My God above) and I can't leave home without having someone here with her. But it will work out. I know it will. Thank all of you for your help. I love this site and really get a lot of company with it. Everyone is so caring and thoughtful, prayful when needed and when not needed. I have learned so much from here and hope to get to join the group at tax time ( so help me, what would we do without tax time lol).

ruthie by ruthie 28 Jan 2009

caydebug, I'll keep you and your mother in my thoughts and prayers. Hope all continues to go well. Hugs and flowers for you sweetie.

by blhamblen 28 Jan 2009

Can you go to your local dealer and check out the same machine b-4 you buy on e-bay?

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caydebug by caydebug 28 Jan 2009

Thank You. I may do that. Haven't make up my mind on purchasing it or not.