by ruthie 27 Jan 2009

He's an albino peacock. And it just goes to show that God even makes his 'mistakes' look gorgeous!!!


by clawton 28 Jan 2009

Beautiful!!! So good to see you around again!

by jrob Moderator 28 Jan 2009

Ruthie.....I'm so happy to see you back! Been missing you for a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous picture.....takes my breath away!;)

by marjialexa Moderator 28 Jan 2009

RUTHIE!! Yay, you're back!! This peacock is gorgeous, I agree, he looks to be made out of lace. A local farmer had some white ones, but I never saw one with his tail open, spectacular!! Love you, Marji

by anna25775 28 Jan 2009

indeed an amazing bird. I had never seen a white one before and was stunned by its beauty. thanks be to God for creating such beauty.

by gerryb 28 Jan 2009

I saw some of these at the Fountain Of Youth park in St. Augustine last year. But he wouldn't open his tail feathers for me! He IS beautiful! Great picture!

by bikermomfl 28 Jan 2009

absolutely beautiful, we have bunches around here at all the fresh water swimming holes along with the manatees but have never seen a white one before, we have a white manatee which is pretty rare be he sure is stunning....

by persiancatlover 28 Jan 2009

thank for sharing i have never seen a white peacock its beautifull

by toet 28 Jan 2009

Oh he is stunning,flowers for you.

by grandmamek 28 Jan 2009

What a magestic looking fellow! He certainly is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this photo with us.

by gerryvb 28 Jan 2009

wow, it's like he walked out of a fairy tale, beautiful !!!!!did you make this picture and see this beauty for real?

1 comment
ruthie by ruthie 28 Jan 2009

unfortunately I didn't - but would have loved to.

by jayemcee46 28 Jan 2009

th3 most handsome chap I've ever seen -welcome back ruthie Jo

by mops Moderator 28 Jan 2009

He looks stunning indeed. Glad you're back Ruthie, hope all is well!

by iris2006 28 Jan 2009

Ruthie is back and see this beautiful bird, Just Amazing. Thanks Ruthie for sharing this beautiful picture.

by mariahail 28 Jan 2009

What a beautiful animal!!!!It looks like made out of lace. Amazing. What a GREAT DESIGNER to create something like this.****

by camylow 28 Jan 2009

I have to say that it isn't a mistake God made. Just a little variety in his gifts to us. Thank you
for sharing. I would never even imagined something like this.

1 comment
ruthie by ruthie 28 Jan 2009

I agree about it not being a mistake camylow sweetie, but you know what I mean. Hugs and flowers to you all, and have a terrific day/night everyone.

by sissibrode 28 Jan 2009

BEAUTIFUL !!! thank you for this beautiful image that illuminates my morning !!! *

by jasanne 28 Jan 2009

He is beautiful! good to see you again too Ruthie :)

by michelej 28 Jan 2009


by tinfriend 28 Jan 2009

There are 2 that belong to a coffee shoppe that also has all types of other animals (chickens, rabbits, ducks, various birds - in cages, some wild life etc, etc)- like a mini zoo - It is located inside a garden centre in the next town here in South Africa and very popular as they also host kiddies birthday parties there!

They are STUNNING and not afraid of the public either! LOVE to 'pose' to have their pics taken too! LOL


by blhamblen 27 Jan 2009

Wow that is almost unbelievable:)

by raels011 27 Jan 2009

It is good to see you are still with us. I miss seeing you on here. Love you photos I used to have a pair of the coloured ones but these are spectacular Hugs and flowers

1 comment
ruthie by ruthie 28 Jan 2009

I have had a nice day raels, hope you have too, despite the heat! Hugs and flowers sweetie.

by debrar 27 Jan 2009

Georgeous doesn't even do this beauty justice. Thanks for sharing. It is just breath taking.

by adelmarie 27 Jan 2009

Oh wow! Thanks a lot for sharing, I love the picure. He is just bautiful.

by sandralochran 27 Jan 2009

He is lovely

by grannyo 27 Jan 2009

He is super beautiful to look at. When I was a teenager, we used to hangout at a restraunt that had peacocks in a garden. They screech something terrible. I'll settle for the picture or visiting one not having on in my garden. lol It seems that God likes to just give us a little extra awwww moment from time to time. This is one of those times for me. :-) Thanks so much for sharing.

by sherylac 27 Jan 2009

Isn't he just lovely, and love the close up of him

by lindaavolio 27 Jan 2009


by lbrow 27 Jan 2009

Ruthie raelene was just asking about u earlier *4U

1 comment
ruthie by ruthie 27 Jan 2009

Thanks lillian, I've just seen and responded to raels. Hugs and flowers sweetie.

by kathyjt 27 Jan 2009

He is beautiful. *4u

by marymoore 27 Jan 2009

oh wow he is beautiful where is he i want him lol

1 comment
ruthie by ruthie 27 Jan 2009

Don't know where he is mary, but he can come to my garden anytime he likes. Hugs and flowers for you sweetie.

by ruthie 27 Jan 2009

I think he looks more stunning than his colored relatives.

tippi by tippi 27 Jan 2009

Beautiful. I never have seen a white one. Thanks for sharing

marjialexa by marjialexa 28 Jan 2009