by cordura5 25 Jan 2009

Hey everybody! Just wanted to say a big ALOHA from Hawai'i... We are on vacation here for a week. Do any cuties live on O'ahu?


by michelej 25 Jan 2009

Hi from Oz, enjoy your holiday.....

by clawton 25 Jan 2009

Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy all of that nice weather.

by katydid 25 Jan 2009

Hope you get to go to Maui. The top of the mountain at Hanna, is the most beautiful place I have ever been. You are on top of the mountain and can look down and see the falls of the river and the black sand on the beach and the ocean all at one time. have fun sweetie!!! post us photos when you get back.

by raels011 25 Jan 2009

There is noone on my list from Hawaii

by camylow 25 Jan 2009

envy envy i have friends there that teach scuba
hope you are having super fun while we are in the snow/rain again....

by cordura5 25 Jan 2009

ttt to try and make any connections in O'ahu...

by jrob Moderator 25 Jan 2009

How wonderful! I hope you have a grand time...;)