by cicadamn 22 Jan 2009

Freebees at Quit nice ones Cica SA


by cleide 25 Feb 2011

site very pretty
muito obrigado

city São Paulo - Brasil

by kraai 24 Jan 2009


by jofrog2000 23 Jan 2009

Mai-Britt cycles some great designs through the year. Just wait for the Easter bunnies! The stripey burp pad on the project page is one I made for my GS, Derek. Actually, for my SIL, cause he had to grow into his ears as a young boy. LOL

by adelmarie 22 Jan 2009

Thanks, I was looking for that site sometime ago but could not remember the address. *2U

by stork 22 Jan 2009

Some really unique designs. Thank you for the info.

by gerryvb 22 Jan 2009

thank you

by clawton 22 Jan 2009

A nice site. They have changed some of the free ones from the past.

by camylow 22 Jan 2009

lots of pretty designs thanks

by debleerl 22 Jan 2009

It comes up in English for me too. I've been to this site a while ago, seems like there's some new designs.

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gerryvb by gerryvb 22 Jan 2009

this link worked, thank you!

by cicadamn 22 Jan 2009

I am so sorry it is called I can only blame it on the extreem heat here?????

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Jan 2009

Have put the info in for the above but the site is in ? scandinavian language, is this correct? If so where are the designs

cicadamn by cicadamn 22 Jan 2009

mine comes up in English (Freebees)

marietta by marietta 22 Jan 2009

It should come up in english too. She is busy constructing the last few pages.

asterixsew by asterixsew 22 Jan 2009

I now get it up in English as I have followed the link that was not here at first. I cut and pasted the comment from above and I now see there is a l missing in the info...problem solved I thought I was loosing it somewhat.

debleerl by debleerl 22 Jan 2009

Glad I could help.

asterixsew by asterixsew 22 Jan 2009

Thanks debleer. I also tried it as .com and got a Japanese site