by dgrammy 21 Jan 2009

The pups loved my hubbys hankies,so I decided to make them their own blankets and put their names on them in different doggy designs. The pups loved them . I miss the puppies. In fact we knew it would be so hard to part with them all, that we got a new puppy comings and I finally get to go pick up Zoey tommorow. Zoey is a black n white Shih Tzu .


by lbrow 21 Jan 2009

Congratulations on the new baby n the house. I love both dogs & cats but have none of my own anymore. I do get to enjoy the ones we have n the fmly. I'm grandmother to a sheltie,, scottie, poodle & a Lab & 2 cats named sugar & Maggie.

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dgrammy by dgrammy 22 Jan 2009

Thanks Lillian ,just brought her home today and she is sooo precious.If you don't see me around you know I'll be playng with the dogs and puppy.I'm gonna try to figure out how to make her some clothes.

by crafter2243 Moderator 21 Jan 2009

Congratulations on the new companion. Animals are part of the family. Enjoy.

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dgrammy by dgrammy 21 Jan 2009

Thank you and yes they are a part of the family.I made her a new bed and a quilt to keep warm going outside for first time.I have everthing ready for her and just can't wait to bring her home.