by epic 18 Jan 2009

I don't want a normal

" tweety" But I want Warner Bros Tweety!
This is the set:
Thanks Stefania


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by shirlener88 18 Jan 2009

Stefania, is this a duplicate posting? Try - they have a Tweety Set on special right now. I do see that is makes a statement about not selling outside the US, as well - sorry.

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epic by epic 18 Jan 2009

Thanks but they doesn't sell outside USA.

by mops Moderator 18 Jan 2009

I know that Dakota is sold by some dealers in Europe as well. Maybe you can find a European distributor.

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epic by epic 18 Jan 2009

Thanks, I will look for a European distributor

by jrob Moderator 18 Jan 2009

There is an 800 number on the site and these can be immediately downloaded, I don't understand why you cannot purchase it? I get that they don't want to ship overseas, but you can download Immediately.

mops by mops 18 Jan 2009

Outside the USA you get a message that the designs can not be downloaded or emailed and that they are not sold outside the USA.

epic by epic 18 Jan 2009

Thanks, mops

jrob by jrob 18 Jan 2009

oh, how odd?!

by handy 18 Jan 2009

sent private message

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epic by epic 18 Jan 2009

OK, thanks.