by dpickel 16 Jan 2009

Just wondering how it stitched out before I take the plunge and invest in some. Love the idea/concept. I have some t-shirts that I bought that have been ?silk screened to do that ... but I cherish the thought of embroiderying something and seeing the magic happen!


by dlonnahawkins 18 Jan 2009

There were questions regarding these threads. The sets that I have are called Fun-n_Sun. 6 of this set all appears to be white, but changes to yellow, apricot, green, lavender, periwinkle, and orange. The other 4 are colored. Sky Blue turns purple, yellow to orange, pink to magenta, and peach to pink. They are not marked, but only have a number. Of course, I kept these separate from my other threads, and keep a "cheat card" with them so that I can keep them separate. But, they are neat to stitch out. The white gives the tone on tone until out in the sun. I had a sewing friend that stitched flowers on her wedding dress with the white threads. Her reception was held outside, and the Florida sun did wonders with that dress. I hope that maybe this helped answer some of the questions.

by handy 17 Jan 2009

Not yet, but I also checked with the local embroidery store and they have it, so I do plan on trying it.

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dpickel by dpickel 17 Jan 2009

Let me know how you make out! :)

by dpickel 17 Jan 2009

Thank you for the information and interest my cute friends!

by dlonnahawkins 17 Jan 2009

Yes - i have the full set of this thread. It stitched out great. We had a family trip to Hawaii, and I did each Grand a shirt with something typically Florida. And, when they went out into the sun it changed colors. They thought that it was very cool, only thing - the older GS didn't particularly like the pastels. I purchased a spool at our Viking center, but was expensive. Bought the entire set on Shopper's Rule. Quite a savings there. I had to mark each spool to know what color it changed to so that I could not get confused.

mimisews2 by mimisews2 17 Jan 2009

Does it not say, or do you have to find out on your own? *

dpickel by dpickel 17 Jan 2009

Thank you for the tips.

by sueffb1 17 Jan 2009

I have not used it (YET). But, was at my sewing machine dealer yesterday and ask them about it. This is a "Mom & Pop" type of store. She said it sews great, she had some in the store so I took it outside to watch it change. Kool!! Just not sure what I would sew it on right now. Good luck. Sue *4U & all

mimisews2 by mimisews2 17 Jan 2009


dpickel by dpickel 17 Jan 2009

Thank you very much.

by mimisews2 17 Jan 2009

Back to the top. I'm interested also.

by blhamblen 17 Jan 2009

I haven't tried the solar active BUT I did try glow-in-the-dark for some stars on a black sweatshirt...turned out pretty good!

mimisews2 by mimisews2 17 Jan 2009

Think I'll try some of that for Halloween for my GS's!*

dpickel by dpickel 17 Jan 2009

Thank you. The glow in the dark sounds fun to! Like the idea for Halloween... :)

by lbrow 17 Jan 2009

I'm afraid not. *

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Jan 2009

No but I look forward to getting some it looks interesting

by stork 16 Jan 2009

I am also interested, but would definitely like to know what others have thought before buying. It would be great for kids.

by ejtads 16 Jan 2009

This is interesting because I was looking into buying some also. Like you said, it is an investment. I thought about doing something with it a kid's t-shirt.