by crowe 15 Jan 2009

not a sewing question.

How do you delete your private messages,
if it is possible to do that


by adelmarie 15 Jan 2009

I have added the community suggestion to your question, as many of us think it is a good idea and it will also free up some space. *2U

by lbrow 15 Jan 2009

Inquiring minds would like to know because it would help free up some space. *

by uscmom 15 Jan 2009

This is a very good question, glad you asked!! A flower for you.

by crowe 15 Jan 2009

Where do i find Veronika

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mops by mops 15 Jan 2009

At the very bottom of the page you see "Contact us", that's the way to email Veronika.

by jrob Moderator 15 Jan 2009

It isn't an option at this time, but I'd think it would help not to store them forever.....Maybe you should make a suggestion to Veronika?

by iris2006 15 Jan 2009

Really don;t know how to help with this one, Sorry

by gerryvb 15 Jan 2009

cann't help you with this one :)

by blhamblen 15 Jan 2009

I don't think you can...I know all the ones I have sent and received are still there...:(

by michelej 15 Jan 2009

Sorry no idea either!!! Someone will come along and answer your question soon...(I hope) Then we will all

by ibht2k2 15 Jan 2009

I'd like to know also!