by anna25775 14 Jan 2009

since I already have the 4d software and a Designer 1.

Also does anybody know of some yahoo group or any site other than the husqvarna one where I can get help about the software? I have the whole professional 4d package but its driving me nuts trying to figure it out alone since my dealer didn't provide any lessons :( thankyou


by sydjaydan4 26 Apr 2011

Yes, I have a Topaz 30 x 1 year and I love it. I also have a Pfaff Creative Vision. The 30 is much easier and lighter to carry to class does a beautiful stitch and once I get the junk out of the cutter area it will once again embroider beautifully. The only hoop it does not use is the Grand Dream Hoop(14x13). Everything interchangeable,except the feet, with the Pfaff. And that even includes the bobbins. This machine reminds me of the Pfaff 7570 which, like a fool, I traded in for the CV. Should have kept that one. Anyway, I love the machine and once you get to know the the button functions you are good to go! I idea of embroidering on two machines,especially if you do a lot of embroidering, is wonderful. We keep up with updates and maintenance at all cost. I highly recommend this machine.

by clawton 14 Jan 2009

Are you looking for a additional machine to embroidery or just stitching? Look into what additional things you may need to have to get it operational such as read/writer cards and etc. I have the SE and love it. Not quite as expensive as the Diamond. The SE allows you to connect directly to your computer through a USB cable to get your designs. You may still find some of those that they refer to as "gently used" at a good price. Before the holidays they had some super buys. With the 4D I would suggest that you use the Manual and go through the exercises it provides.

by mops Moderator 14 Jan 2009

I've the Designer 1 as well, and am dreaming about the Diamond. Don't know anyone who has the Topaz 30, but I do know quite a few who went from a Designer 1 or SE to the Diamond and are very pleased with it.
I still use 3D Pro and have not upgraded to 4D, but bought Embird instead. It's cheap, easy to use (once you forget what you did in 3D) and stitches out beautifully.
My dealer did free software classes 4 times a year so I never looked for yahoo groups. I hope you can find someone in your neighbourhood who has the same software - it's a lot of fun to do things together.

by meganne 14 Jan 2009

Hi Anna,
I have the Diamond and I love the way it sews without having to remove the embroidery unit, and i like the easy way of choosing the stitch you need and it stitches beautifully. I also love that it has a reverse button within easy reach.

I like many of its other features too but so far i'm not impressed with its embroidery or thread tension. (I've been spoilt by Elna's Patented Universal tension) I don't like it's needle threader, or that it doesn't rewind bobbins automatically (without taking them out of the bobbin case) but at least you can move the smaller hoops backwards to give you access to the bobbin to remove it. I don't like the auto (jump) trim as it leaves a big mess underneath, but you can turn it off if you don't want it. I can't get used to not having a manual foot-lift lever and I'm constantly reaching for it then i find myself kneeing a non-existent knee lever... LOL!
I don't like the speed control as it is not variable but limited to set speeds which i find either too fast or too slow.
Now, bear in mind I've only stitched out 3 full designs and started on a set of six FSL bells set up in one large hoop. And I am comparing it to my Elna XQ2, which despite the fact that it seized up, i truly love the embroidery and fetures of that machine. I would recommend it to you but since it has been discontinued it's impossible to get decent service for it.
As for a 4D group, do a search of Yahoo groups, and you should find some, I prefer Embird.
hugs n roses, M