by jayemcee46 13 Jan 2009

....had a few day's break last week to get into the right frame of mind to be admitted to hospital today but they cancelled my surgery as there are no beds available. I should have had this op last October but due to picking up a virus I had to put it off. The next date in late November had to be put off as well as I had problems with high blood pressure which my GP worked hard to get under control and now no bed. My next date is for 10th Feb. To spare the blushes of some my op is minor one commonly known as "womens troubles" (nothing like what meganne has gone through). I shall be glad to get it over and get on with making plans again. Sorry this is a moan but I'm feeling a bit flat after hyping mysef up to face that operating theatre. Thanks for listening Jo


by jrob Moderator 20 Jan 2009

God works by appointment, not by accident. Wait for His time.;)

by michelej 20 Jan 2009

Hi Jo, sorry your op has been cancelled twice. Feb 10th hopefully it will be all over and done with... My friend is going in next week for an op(providing it is not cancelled) Sounds like you have the same problem as her(maybe) I hope it all goes well for you...I will be taking care of my friend for the next 6 weeks......while her husband is at work......good luck, I will be thinking of you!!!

by shirlener88 15 Jan 2009

Jo dear one, I know that you are upset and I am sure you will be ok - once you realize that even these things are in God's hands - please gain comfort in knowing that perhaps you have something else that He has in store for you to do - before you actually face this surgery. Just plan on the new date and hope that you can be put on a waiting list for a new appointment - if one is cancelled - or whatever happens - once the surgery is over - you will look back on it and more than likely realize just why it happened the way that it did. I will continue to pray for you. Love, Shirlene

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jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 15 Jan 2009

thank you Shirelene for your support and prayer. I know our health system is buckling under the strain of lack of funding and an ever increasing need. I have had this problem of mine for about 3/4 years and was hoping that it would at last be fixed but what is a few more weeks.My new date is for Feb 10th which is less than 4 weeks away. What a shame we can't give flowers here. Love Jo x

by clawton 13 Jan 2009

It is a bit discouraging to be put off that many times. It's hard on the emotions to keep anticipating the hospital ordeal. Hopefully the next one will work out. Good luck and hope all goes well.

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jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 14 Jan 2009

I feel better today after good night's sleep - I was emotionally and physically drained with an op that I'm having difficulty facing. I've had surgery before and taken it in my stride, this time it seems different, but thank you for you enncouragement. Jo

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Jan 2009

At this time of year and with the weather we have been having the hospitals are full with people who have damaged themselves slipping on the ice. My elder daughter works in a hospital in the theatre and many people are like yourself cursing cancelled ops. No one likes an operation. Goodluck for the next date

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jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 14 Jan 2009

I think that is the reason at the moment -so many people have been admitted with effects of flu that the system hasn't been able to cope. Jo