by tindo 13 Jan 2009

I have done it. It has taken 2 days in the sewing room at my computer but i have filed all my designs into neat little folders and have converted all my zipped folder into jef. what a day phew!!!


by adelmarie 13 Jan 2009

That is great, I got a new and much bigger hard frive over a month ago and I still working on my files. Whish I was as done as you are *

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tindo by tindo 14 Jan 2009

i had to do it i could not find a design i had and boy am i determin (is that how you spell it) oh well you know what i mean

by debleerl 13 Jan 2009

Only 2 days:-D Well, you haven't been here to long you'll collect more designs. If my computer was in my sewing room, I would never get out of the chair. Right now, the best excercise I get is going up and down the stairs between the two.

A smile, a laugh, a hug, *4U

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tindo by tindo 14 Jan 2009

wish we had stairs i need the exsercise

by jayemcee46 13 Jan 2009

now be sure to back them all up then come and come organise me too he he Jo

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tindo by tindo 13 Jan 2009

that was the first thing i did back everything up on a usb stick love to help you would you by any chance live next door!!!! No, oh well.

by abeille78 13 Jan 2009

Could I have some help for mine...
I have room and Bathromm available, breakfirst, lunch and dinner.... but nothing English!
The only problem is that is in France....
What do you think of that?

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tindo by tindo 13 Jan 2009

great i will get a passport today :)

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Jan 2009

Wow, you are now organized. Good way to start the new year. I am with everyone else. I have a guest room and you are welcome to do mine :). Now please make a BACKUP. Just a reminder in case you didn't.

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tindo by tindo 13 Jan 2009

wow i will be turing the world soon and my purpose in life will be "organizer" i backed everything up as soon as i finished thank you for the reminder.

by jrob Moderator 13 Jan 2009

Good for you, now make a vow that you will put them where they belong NO MATTER what as you go along.;)

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tindo by tindo 13 Jan 2009

thank you i have a saying "a place for everything, and everything in its place" but that is not happening i must be getting old.

by elaine45 13 Jan 2009

Sounds like you were very busy...congratulations.

by mops Moderator 13 Jan 2009

Wow! Now you must be able to find everything in a jiffy and can give all the attention to embroidering instead of hunting through your designs. Great!

by gerryvb 13 Jan 2009

that's great, wish I could say the same about my collection....

by lindaavolio 13 Jan 2009

WOW!!! That's something I still need to do! Great Job!

by ruthie 13 Jan 2009

Wow, tindo, good for you sweetie. But if it only took you 2 days - then you don't have enough designs - and definitely no-where near as many as what I have, haha! Hugs and flowers to you. (Also I left you an answer on your request re converting design formats - just incase you haven't been back and seen it).

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tindo by tindo 13 Jan 2009

thank you for that ruthie i will look for it. i will have to catch up with your design collection.

by grandmamek 13 Jan 2009

Wow! What willpower!! I have my files organized but my sewing room leaves a bit to be desired!! I too offer you room and board. LOL!!

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tindo by tindo 13 Jan 2009

thank you

by manami 13 Jan 2009

Well done, Tindo!!! You can come to Gold Coast too!!! :) Happy stitching to you!

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tindo by tindo 13 Jan 2009

thanking you also never been to the gold coast!

by michelej 13 Jan 2009

Okey dokey, now when did you say you were coming to Brisbane??? I am happy to give you free board for 2 days while you do mine Looking forward to your

tindo by tindo 13 Jan 2009

it is a deal. wow i can't believe it only took 2days my husband and to keep looking in on me to see if i was still alive. a few choice words were echoing through the house now i am organized for my downloading can't wait!!! what am i saying!!

michelej by michelej 13 Jan 2009

lol....Now first of all you have to go through Brisbane to get to the Gold Coast, then Sydney so sorry guys but I am What day did you say??? I will have your bed ready...

nonna57 by nonna57 13 Jan 2009

Nope sorry Michele, but I asked first ")")")

by mamsie 13 Jan 2009

Great stuff - now send a little action this way!! Hee-hee!!!

by blhamblen 13 Jan 2009

Way to GO Girl... NOW come on over and do room & board while you are here!

tindo by tindo 13 Jan 2009

great what is your destination will i need a pass port?

blhamblen by blhamblen 13 Jan 2009

35 miles west of Chicago Illinois, USA bring your longies CUZ baby it's C O L D here:)

tindo by tindo 14 Jan 2009

got my thermals already to leave it is hot here!!

by nonna57 13 Jan 2009

When are you coming to Sydney ???????

tindo by tindo 13 Jan 2009

soon, got my room ready?

nonna57 by nonna57 13 Jan 2009

all done , just waiting Hehehehe

by castelyn 13 Jan 2009

That must feel wonderful.
I must still try and go through my files to add were they are all from and if they are free
Hope to get to it sometime soon

by shirlener88 13 Jan 2009

tindo, CONGRATULATIONS - now enjoy them.

by raels011 13 Jan 2009

Good for you