by cutiepie 03 Jan 2009

The boys are 9 months old, have six teeth each, and are crawling around like they were born to do it. They are currently wearing "cranial reshaping helmets" because they got flat spots on the backs of their heads from being so premature.They are right up with their age group (none of this "adjusting ages" because of prematurity) and are as sweet and happy as a mother could wish. Sorry that the picture is kind of grainy. Tommy is in the airplane swing and Danny is playing with his rubber duckies.


by mops Moderator 08 Jan 2009

Nice to see them so happy and healthy, thank you for the update!

by cutiepie 08 Jan 2009

Whoo hoo! Tommy saw the doctor today and doesn't have to wear his helmet anymore! His head is down to less than 2 mm differential from side to side (from 13 mm when we started). His cute little head looks perfectly round now. =] Danny is down to 4 mm (from 17! That is seriously bad, to the point it could have caused brain damage if it hadn't been corrected) and probably has only one more month to go. I am so excited, can you tell? =D

by sqdancer 05 Jan 2009

Hard to believe 9 months have gone by...time sure flies...they are looking bright and healthy sure did a great job on this project...hugs xxx

by grandmamek 05 Jan 2009

Your boys are just adorable. I am sure they keep you plenty busy.

by jasanne 04 Jan 2009

Nice to see your sweet boys doing so well. Enjoy them every minute! My twin girls are now 7 and 9 ( and no that's not a typo) - Although I am really enjoying them at this age I can't believe how quickly the last 9 years have gone by!

by kkcogle 04 Jan 2009

Thanks for the pictures and be sure to keep us updated frequently! Such cuties!

by marjialexa Moderator 04 Jan 2009

Awwwwwww, how sweet!!! Look at those little chipmunk cheeks, could just squeeze 'em!! Love, Marji

by castelyn 04 Jan 2009

they are so cute

by quiltgrama 03 Jan 2009

Very cute Thanks for sharing and nice to see you around. Lisa

by shirlener88 03 Jan 2009

Nice to see the Danny and Tommy have grown into their age group rather well. Just adorable.

by clawton 03 Jan 2009

So good to see an update on the boys. They certainly are sweet things and look like they are having a great time.

by gerryb 03 Jan 2009

What "cutiepies!" Double delight...and sometimes double trouble. But what a great gift from God to you!!!

by gerryvb 03 Jan 2009

lovely project: the son of a friend of us had the same kind of helmet, and it he has a beautiful round little head.So these two of you will get also nice perfect little heads. they look so great!!thanks for sharing.

by jrob Moderator 03 Jan 2009

Mom, they are just adorable! Looks like Santa was good to them! I love your embroidery work on the shirts! They surely do grow up quickly! Your house must be overrun with joy!

by elaine45 03 Jan 2009

Your project is coming right along...

by kttyhwk4 03 Jan 2009

They are beautiful boys....don't you know they'll be upset with me about age 10 (or before)for calling them that.
Great project!

by lenamae 03 Jan 2009

They are such cute babies.I know you have your hands full. thanks for sharing with us.give them a hug for me.

by michelej 03 Jan 2009

Such cute little ones.Thanks for sharing their pic..

by raels011 03 Jan 2009

They are so beautiful By clicking on photo you get to see it bigger and can read their names. They are so alike. When my twin grandsons were tiny we painted their toenails so we could tell them apart but now they are so different

cutiepie by cutiepie 08 Jan 2009

I guess that you can't really tell from the picture, but Tommy has a lovely golden skin tone while Danny is more rosy hued. Tommy also has a much larger forehead (which you can't see since they are wearing the helmets) due to having an oval face while Danny's face is really quite round. My mom once looked at them together and said, "Well, if it isn't 'Pinky and the Brain,'" and then she was immediately horrified that she had said such a thing. If you don't understand the reference, check out this site to find out why.

mops by mops 08 Jan 2009

I looked it up and hope their objectives will be less grand ;-). Lovely boys!

by ezzemml 03 Jan 2009

Happy to see your cute litte babes How is big brother going. Does he enjoy his little brothers. Hope you all had a great Christmas and that you have a Great 2009.

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cutiepie by cutiepie 08 Jan 2009

Liam is doing really well, although I think he is starting to feel a bit jealous of the time I spend with the twins. He has started waking up in the middle of the night, and coming to my bed for "snuggles," as well as occasionally telling me that we should leave the babies home when we are going somewhere. However, he still seems to adore "Mama's" babies.

by sherylac 03 Jan 2009

And yes, these little fellows would be you most important project, definetly, aren't the just adorable, and they must keep you so busy and yet so much enjoyment, I can hardly wait to be a Grandma, mine are in their 20's now, so you have alot of memories to look forward too, thanks for sharing your photo!!

by mariahail 03 Jan 2009

They are as cute as they can be, God bless them and you and daddy too!**