by flbaker 02 Jan 2009

I've been following the fantasy Alpha A- B and butterfly- there was never a C up loaded, why is everyone skipping it ?


by elaine45 02 Jan 2009


by sqdancer 02 Jan 2009

Yep - it's "C" today, now on to the "D" - welcome to cute flbaker...enjoy !!!

by flbaker 02 Jan 2009

I took a closer look at the butterfly or what I thought to be plain, it is the C Duh!- now I know I need glasses :) Thank you :)

by jofrog2000 02 Jan 2009

Welcome! I didn't realize at first that it was the c, the letter just looked like the body in the small picture. Wasn't until I clicked through that I saw it was the C. This is unique.

by pafhen 02 Jan 2009

I love this one, it should take off now with the votes so keep watch and get them all

by cordura5 02 Jan 2009

Actually, it looks like it is up now. The reason it hasn't appeared before is because we hadn't finished voting in the xmas cross font that was released previously. Once that was finished, then we returned to the new alpha. We usually go in alphabetical order of whatever new alpha is up. Once that is complete, then we go on to the next or take requests for missed letters or prior alphabets if there is no new alpha for a while.

I don't think I have welcomed you yet. So, WELCOME! *4U