by cordura5 31 Dec 2008

When creating a colorworks design, what is the optimum number of colors? I want enough variety, but I don't want to change thread 50 million times.


by blhamblen 11 Jan 2009

Ya got some good answers...go to a site that has colorlines and see how many they use. I usually see about 4/5 in kitchen ones:)

by debleerl 10 Jan 2009

Here's what Heather digitized. Nice job**

Now that I really know what her question was about, my advise is to keep it simple. Think in terms of a small box of crayons and have 8 or less colors.

by mpo14011 01 Jan 2009

I think that is really up to you. But I think a great alternative to a lot of colour changes would be the use of variegated thread.They look very effective on line work.

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cordura5 by cordura5 01 Jan 2009

That's a good idea. Maybe I could create two different versions, one with thread changes and then one continuous for using variegated threads. Thanks!

by cordura5 01 Jan 2009


by debleerl 01 Jan 2009

Great question, and answers, but I'm bringing this back to the top so we can hear from more of the digitizers. I to am still a beginner and would like to know more about putting in shading and such.

by adelmarie 01 Jan 2009

As least as possible form 10 to 15 as Manami said. But with some designs it will depend of how many details you have. I have designs that have as many as 30 color changes and although is a pain the final results are worth the color changing.

by manami 31 Dec 2008

Heather, I'd say up to 10, but I've seen 15 color changes out there. I like colorfull designs(teacher thing :D), but I know how much trouble is changing threads in one single design. I also try to keep the connections in the same spot or close to the next area or color change. But, don't forget, I'm just a learner, maybe a great digitizer on Cute can make a good advice on it. :) Blessings&hugs, Yoriko