by reddish 31 Dec 2008

I want to thank all who have helped me on this site this past year;and the generous free designs. I have learned much from alot of you. New Year blessings in 2009..Reddish (Diane)


by manami 02 Jan 2009

Diane, what Lillian said is so true...we always have something new to learn here. Have a blessed New Year.Hugs, Yoriko

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reddish by reddish 02 Jan 2009

Yoriko--And, also to you, a beautiful new year..Diane

by lbrow 31 Dec 2008

Diane we r very pleased to have u with us here at Cute & glad we have been of help to you. We never get past the learning stage, no matter how long we have been at it there is always something new coming along for us to learn. Hope u have a very Happy New Year, & that we continuse to see & hear from u regularly. Lillian

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reddish by reddish 02 Jan 2009

Lillian--thank you; and also, you have a great new year..Diane