by elaine45 27 Dec 2008

Well I placed an order this morning for 131 yds of WSS so you know what that means. I hope it comes very fast as I am in Last year I used 100 yds.


by lbrow 27 Dec 2008

Well elaine that's quite a lot, I do believe u r hooked but good on FSL & that is not a bad thing. *4U

by shirlener88 27 Dec 2008

Good deal - don't know that I have bought that much at one time - but I am sure I have used that much before - very easily.

by michelej 27 Dec 2008

Wow, that is alot of WSS....What are you going to make??? Oh I know, you are making all us cuties something with it.....Thankyou so

by sherylac 27 Dec 2008

My goodness, I can totally understand where you are coming from I started FSL in maybe August this year, and have gone through 60 metres but only 30cm, 12 inches wide, so I can understand why you ordered so much, have lots of fun with it and I wonder if they ship to Australia and what the change over etc would be like, interesting will have to have a look,

by adelmarie 27 Dec 2008

It sound loke you will be busy. I have odered from all stitch and they I have my stuff in a couple of days, nothing to compaint with them.

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elaine45 by elaine45 27 Dec 2008

They have been good to me so far.

by kezza2sew 27 Dec 2008

OH my goodness, Lace Lace and More Lace I guess....

by katydid 27 Dec 2008

Whoever invented that stuff is set for life!!!! I discovered Heat N Gone which is great for bottom for towels,cheaper than badge master. I use solvy for topping towels which you can buy by the bolt and use a coupon at Joannes.

by modo 27 Dec 2008

I am looking for WSS, where did you buy it and at what price?*

elaine45 by elaine45 27 Dec 2008

I got at the site was 107.00 with shipping.

modo by modo 28 Dec 2008

thank you, I will ask some for my birthday

by debleerl 27 Dec 2008

I love FSL too. I did quite a bit for Christmas. However, I have no idea how much I bought, I used 2 rolls of Floriani I bought from my dealer, and purchased several 5 yard (by 14") sections from Walmart. I don't even want to know how much I spent making lace ornaments. Where is the 59" WSS being purchased from, and are you getting a good price?

elaine45 by elaine45 27 Dec 2008
go here and you will find lots of different lengths and yards.

misscharlie by misscharlie 27 Dec 2008

I get my vilene from this site shipping is very fast and FREE! It is $5 a yd and a minimum of 3 yd order. It is also 59" wide.

mariahail by mariahail 27 Dec 2008

I use this same place, I think it is really the best price. Good quality, super fast delivery.

by jofrog2000 27 Dec 2008

My goodness. How wide is yours? I've been getting 59" wide (I think, it's been a while)by 5 yards at a time, and then I cut a lengthwise strip for each size hoop. I then just hoop one end, and don't cut until the design is done. That way I can get close to the design and it saves 4-5 inches at a time.

mariahail by mariahail 27 Dec 2008

I use my rotary cutter and cut long pieces to fit my hoop, simply great.

elaine45 by elaine45 27 Dec 2008

What is ordered is 11.5 inches wide.

by sambsranch 27 Dec 2008

WOW!!!!!!!!! Thats a lot.... U must be a very busy Bee.... LOL Have Fun and don't work to hard... (((Hugs & Flower4U)))
Sam :)

elaine45 by elaine45 27 Dec 2008


sambsranch by sambsranch 28 Dec 2008

yqw, Happy New year too U...
Sam :)

by mad14kt 27 Dec 2008 you just use WSS ALL the time ;) *2U

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elaine45 by elaine45 27 Dec 2008

I love that FSL.