by mygypsy2 21 Dec 2008

This is from Embroidery Library. I've seen a few done on here that are very beautiful. Can somone please let me know what kind of glue you used? Thanks for any help with this.


by mygypsy2 23 Dec 2008

Thank you everyone for your help :-)
Merry Christmas to all ***

by lbrow 23 Dec 2008

Liquid Stitch is good for the exact place u want to bond, There r a lot of fabric glues out there. Try to find one that u have total control of, that want bleed through if u r doing colors . I like Craft Bond(a spray) 4 a large area & liquid for a small area. Look at Walmart they have lots. *4U

by marjialexa Moderator 23 Dec 2008

A flower for you, cause I don't have a good answer. Depending on what I'm gluing, I may use Elmers, scotch tape, or the glue I got for Jamie's ears when he was a pup. Sometimes I even remember where my fabric glue is, hee hee hee. Good luck, I'm sure others know better that I do. Marji

by adelmarie 23 Dec 2008

Liquid stitch will work well, or you can also use a hot glue gun like maryjo said.

by maryjo 23 Dec 2008

I used my hot glue gun. Just a dab will do ya.

by misscharlie 22 Dec 2008

Liquid stitch found in the crafte dept at walmart. There are other brands as well. Price is less than $4 for a 1oz tube.

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mygypsy2 by mygypsy2 22 Dec 2008

Thank you very much! Atleast I have an idea now :-)

by blhamblen 22 Dec 2008

I don't know BUT I'll send ya back to the top for an answer:)

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mygypsy2 by mygypsy2 22 Dec 2008

Thanks :-)