by misscharlie 21 Dec 2008

I received this email from Barb at lovesembroidery. Please take note that this cost her financially please everyone in the future try to be more attentive to what you post. I feel very bad for Barb.

If this message doesn't apply to you, please ignore and delete!

I would like to know who posted the links to get all the free
Christmas sets to cuteembroidery. com. These free sets were not
advertised to anyone except MY group as a Christmas present from me
to my group.

Whoever did it LEAVE MY GROUP NOW. The designs were not yours to
give away, I hope you know that! Or, wait, I guess you didn't
because you did it. Anyway it was wrong and you can leave now. Not
only did you give MY designs away you cost me bandwidth which I have
to PAY for, for all those other people I don't even know, thank you
SO much for doing that.

The links to the 8 free sets have been removed from the site. If any
group members didn't get them yet, please email me and I'll gladly
send them to you if you tell me what format you need.

Hugs to all my good little members, please ignore this, we aren't
going to let it spoil my Christmas presents to all of you. Barb

by sherz12 21 Dec 2008

Sorry to say this ladies but those design where for group members only! All group members got an e-mail on how upset she was that these were shared and the links have since been removed.

by lindaavolio 21 Dec 2008

Thank you...nice site! *4U

by migs 21 Dec 2008

thank you for info of site

by grandmamek 21 Dec 2008

thank you.

by mygypsy2 21 Dec 2008

Go thru the whole site and you should find:
App. snow set, partridge in a pear tree, Christmas medley, Nutcracker orna., 2006 pointsetta doily, Christmas fun filled, & Christmas toppers. Have fun!

by babyred 21 Dec 2008

Thanks for the link. I have stitched out several of Loves FSL designs and they always stitch out so nice.

by ashta 21 Dec 2008

Fantastic stuff! thanks for sharing! I needed another craft project for the grandkids. The tree is perfect!

by elaine45 21 Dec 2008

Thanks so much for your info...

by sassaf 21 Dec 2008

Thank you for sharing! Also have a look on christmas medley... *4U

by blhamblen 21 Dec 2008

THANX for sharing:)

by manami 21 Dec 2008

Thank you. mygypsy!

by sqdancer 21 Dec 2008

Got them thanks mygypsy

by mygypsy2 21 Dec 2008

It's a tree that stands not hangs :-)