by dpickel 20 Dec 2008

I have posted a picture in the Projects section. The bottom half of Dora's hair is missing! Doesn't stitch at all, anywhere. Not even repeated later in the order.

Any suggestions welcome at this point. It's a Christmas gift I am making for someone else... Not even for myself. Frustrated.



by misscharlie 21 Dec 2008

Here is a post I made awhile ago

Scroll to the bottom of the post to see before and after pics hope this helps.

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dpickel by dpickel 21 Dec 2008

Thank you. Great fix! I might resort to that if the corrected file is no help when I receive it. :)

by mpo14011 20 Dec 2008

OK. One of three things could have gone wrong. Firstly, it was probably digitized to go on cotton, so stitching it it on another type of fabric probably won't work real good. Have you tried stitching it on cotton?
Secondly it may not have been stabilized correctly.Looking at the design and not sure how many stitches it has, I would say use 2 layers of stabilizer and slip a 3rd under the hoop.
Thirdly, it may be badly digitized.
But, before blaming the digitizer, try stitching it on the fabric it was intended for, with sufficient stabilizer.
It does look pretty awful

toet by toet 21 Dec 2008

mpo,I always read your answers you are such a clever lady. I wish i had your knowledge. flowers

dpickel by dpickel 21 Dec 2008

I used 2 layers of cutaway underneath and WSS on top. The fabric was not going anywhere fast. I have since contacted the digitizer and she thinks something happened when the file got converted from the original PES to the JEF I am sewing in.

by manami 20 Dec 2008

Just came from projects...another big hug and a flower.

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dpickel by dpickel 20 Dec 2008

Thank you Yoriko!