by elaine45 18 Dec 2008

hurting. I guess I'll know tomorrow just what is really up with it. Right now it hurts to lift it and definitely to turn it. I already had surgery twice on my right...I was worried about my DH Of course I felt like a fool for not being able to stay on my own feet...I'll bet next time I go out I will wear different shoes. Everyone else be careful.


by gerryvb 20 Dec 2008

hope everything turns out to be okay. I know how dangerous snow can be ( I broke my arm in the month march this year,in the snow.)so please be careful and if you don't trust it, go and see the doctor!

by clawton 20 Dec 2008

Hope all is well with your arm. Snow and ice can really be tricky!

by manami 20 Dec 2008

I know how you feel, Elaine. Lived in MN for a while...very cold up there. Hope you are going to the doctor. Good idea about the shoes, that helps a lot. Take care...

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elaine45 by elaine45 20 Dec 2008

I have decided to go to doc but probably not until next week (if the snow goes away)as the arm does still hurt.

by migs 20 Dec 2008

some years ago when I took a spill on the ice/snow & ended up chipping the bone in my shoulder. That hurt like the dickens & was off work for a couple of weeks; winter is no fun at the best of times. I'm such a whimp when it comes to the cold *:*

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elaine45 by elaine45 23 Dec 2008

Me too....I want sun.

by brn2btl 19 Dec 2008

Rotator cuff repair is no fun. Had it twice within 4 months on the left shoulder. First was not successful. a really bad surgery

by toet 19 Dec 2008

please let us know the result, i hope you will be

by mops Moderator 19 Dec 2008

I hope you've seen a doctor by now and are feeling better!

by grandmamek 19 Dec 2008

Hope by now you are feeling better. It is no fun to fall and get hurt. *4u

by shirlener88 19 Dec 2008

Oh my Elaine, you might have to get you one of those braces - that is showing up - right next to your posting. Be careful - ice and snow can really hurt you - when you land - get to a doctor or a specialized. Do what they say and heal as fast as you can.

by simplyrosie 19 Dec 2008

Oh Elaine... you're not supposed to do that... :-( PLEASE be careful and get to an orthopedic ASAP. Will pray you can get some sleep tonight. Tylenol PM.

by raels011 19 Dec 2008

sorry to hear about your fall Here is a flower to cheer you up

migs by migs 20 Dec 2008

love the wattle, if that's what it is. are you Australian?

manami by manami 20 Dec 2008

Wow, this is beautiful!!!

by michelej 18 Dec 2008

Oh sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you are going to te Doctor to get it checked out....

by adelmarie 18 Dec 2008

Hope is just sore and you feel better soon. *

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Dec 2008

Oh no, I hope it won't be too bad. Keep that ice on it.

by blhamblen 18 Dec 2008

Oh elaine I'm sorry that you hurt your shoulder. Remember,ice compression, elevate..of course how do ya elevate your shoulder??? But at least put ice on for 20 min then off for 20 will help take any swelling down:) No ice..use frozen veggies.