by elaine45 17 Dec 2008

worry any more that we did. The hospital is 50 miles from home. We went up on Monday afternoon and stayed until this morning. We (I) had the privilege of driving home in the snow. Thank goodness the closer we got to home the better things got. I am glad he is ok now all we have to do is watch the diet. I hope every one is safe and warm in this crazy winter weather.


by caydebug 28 Jan 2009

Glad to hear that all went good for the two of you. Take care and Prayers your way.

by adelmarie 18 Dec 2008

Hope a speedy recovery and that you guys have a wonderful Holidays.

by lbrow 18 Dec 2008

Sorry to hear about hubby's heart but stents should help. Hope his recovery is grfeat. *4U

by shirleysisson 18 Dec 2008

Glad to hear everything went well. My DH had 1 stent put in 7 years ago and he is fit and healthy now. *4U

by iris2006 18 Dec 2008

Glad that all went well for you both.

by clawton 18 Dec 2008

Sounds like things are on the mend. Hopefully things will improve and all is safe.

by sqdancer 18 Dec 2008

God bless you and yours and a very healthy new 2009..Hugs xxxx

by gerryvb 18 Dec 2008

so good to read that everything is okay now *4u!!

by ruthie 18 Dec 2008

elaine, so pleased that all went well, here's hoping it continues that way, take care of both of you and have a happy Christmas and New Year. Hugs and flowers for you sweetie.

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elaine45 by elaine45 18 Dec 2008

Thanks so much...

by shirlener88 17 Dec 2008

Oh dear Elaine, I am sorry that you have had to go through this without our support - but you have it now and we will help carry through the recovery period - I had a friend that had this done 18 years ago and he is still doing great with a diet plan and lots of love and support. Prayers for each of you and keep us updated.

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elaine45 by elaine45 17 Dec 2008

Thank you Shirlene, I just hope that after the new wears off he will stick to the diet...

by jrob Moderator 17 Dec 2008

oh, my goodness! I am so thankful your doctors caught this. We don't have to look very far for blessings.......;)

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elaine45 by elaine45 17 Dec 2008


by meganne 17 Dec 2008

So very glad all went well for you and DH, I'm sending angels and prayers for continued, improving health. Hugs n blessings, Meganne

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elaine45 by elaine45 17 Dec 2008

Thank you so much....

by kezza2sew 17 Dec 2008

Glad you are both home safe and well.

by blhamblen 17 Dec 2008

Elaine it is a good thing you caught it b-4 it became a problem. Once you get the hang of NO Cholesterol Diet it isn't that bad:) So glad you made it home safe. Enjoy your holidays together:)

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elaine45 by elaine45 17 Dec 2008

Thank you....

by michelej 17 Dec 2008

Yes, happy things worked out....

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elaine45 by elaine45 17 Dec 2008


by raels011 17 Dec 2008

Good to hear all went well

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elaine45 by elaine45 17 Dec 2008