by elaine45 15 Dec 2008

most cases now. It is good to see more cuties helping others with their responses now..Way to go Cuties...


by lindaavolio 15 Dec 2008

Seems like more Cuties are joining *4U

by clawton 15 Dec 2008

I agree. There were not as many people using the community section. However, if you asked a question you did get an answer, maybe not as many, but you got one. Everyone has been very helpful. By the way I believe you went on an extended mission trip and I don't remember seeing a posting as to your experiences. I believe the Personal tab would be a great place for you to share that.

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marjialexa by marjialexa 15 Dec 2008

You were one of the 'originals' too, weren't you, Clawton? My poor memory fails me, hee hee hee, but I think I remember that. Luv, Marji

by shirlener88 15 Dec 2008

Yes, Elain - I wasn't here in the beginning - but when I came - there were lots of postings - some help - then WHAM - all of the sudden - everyone was posting and asking quesitons and it was so nice to get an answer right away and have so much fun learning, too!

by marjialexa Moderator 15 Dec 2008

Hi, Elaine!! I think the reason there's more help now is that there are lots and lots more people now in the Community. When I started to come here, some days there would be only 2 new questions a day, some days none at all. Remember, Jerrilyn? You, Cutiepie, Hazelgrace, Mops, some few others. I remember your kindness to me at that time. Does my heart good to see it grow like this!! Love you all, Marji

elaine45 by elaine45 15 Dec 2008

Thanks Marji, this is a great place with great people.

jrob by jrob 15 Dec 2008

Love you back marji!