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by cutiepie 15 Dec 2008

The doggy from the Old MacDonald finger puppet set, which is one of Liam's favorites. The set is now on sale at Designs By SiCK.


by grandmapapers 27 Dec 2008

these are so cute, I just stitched out Old Macdonald, but his hat and band didn't line up good, do you have a suggestion for me?

by jillsmith 27 Dec 2008

Ages ago you told us that this set would be coming out on SiCK, where I had a year's membership. I waited and waited for it. I have decided not to renew any memberships from now on and only buy what I need, as in just one year I have acquired more designs than I could use in three lifetimes. But I really wanted those puppets! And would you believe that on the last day of my membership, there they were! I will use them for my work with children learning to use their new cochlear implants, as well as for family and friends.

by marjialexa Moderator 27 Dec 2008

These finger puppets are just adorable!!

by cutiepie 24 Dec 2008

Shameless self-promotion!

by grandmamek 18 Dec 2008

Oh what a fun idea for the younger ones. *4u

by abeille78 18 Dec 2008

All thes Old MacDonald finge puppets are very nice. I will have a look for them, I think.... at SICK
Good job.