by beeboomer 13 Dec 2008

There is a strange (to me anyway) way of using a phone call to a 900 number to purchase designs from this site now. Has anyone ever heard of or used such a method? The price is very reasonable, it looks like $3 for 5 designs in the USA.

I have purchased some designs in the past and they are beautiful. Their newer designs are more the cartoony type, the older ones were more traditional, which I like better.


by tinfriend 28 Jan 2009

Only the J & K is up for free now - the F is not available - or am I missing something?


by gerryb 27 Jan 2009

I would never use an 900 number. Scams & other things have been connected to some of those. Be VERY careful!!

by maleah 27 Jan 2009

being an ex telephone employee=BE CAREFUL on any 900 numbers.

by beeboomer 27 Jan 2009

The J and the K are now available free. I have been checking, I don't think they are giving away free every letter, but the price would be about 30 cents per if anyone dared to try the weird telephone method of payment to fill in the missing letters.

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Dec 2008

What will the cost be to these numbers from outside the USA? I have to say it totally put me off wanting to buy.

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beeboomer by beeboomer 13 Dec 2008

If you locate any design for sale and click on "download now" it will take you to a page with various flags of different countries. Click on your country's flag and a box will open up that gives a charge. I think comparable to US $3. Great Britain was 1.5 pounds. I am hesitating to purchase this way. They are in the UK, maybe this way of purchase is more common there?

by blhamblen 13 Dec 2008

900 numbers are usually reserved for the "porn" sites..BE CAREFUL!

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marymoore by marymoore 27 Jan 2009

lol and u know this how barb lol i know i cant stand that crap either

by marjialexa Moderator 13 Dec 2008

Never heard of using a 900 number to purchase designs. I'm not sure why it wouldn't work, if you trust them, because that charge is going to be added to your phone bill. I guess I'd want a little more information about how that worked before I'd do it.

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