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make any suggestions, corrections, ask questions, whatever. I'm going to explain the best I can, but that may not be clear to everyone, so just ask. Also, even if you appreciate this post, please limit your replies to just the topic discussed, so it won't get too long to read any answers like corrections or questions. If you'd like to do a 'thanks' post separately, that would be ok, I just don't want this one getting too long. The first part is going to be an answer to this question, so I can add a picture. Thanks, Marji


by debleerl 25 Jan 2009


by sewmom 24 Jan 2009

Thank you. I read this when I first started but it didn't make as much sense until now because I've been navigating the site for a while. I had actually been avoiding the tags on the left because I thought they were for downloading designs not questions. I suppose that's only if I'm on the home page instead of the community page. I'll keep trying to get the hang of it.

by adelmarie 24 Jan 2009

Thanks a lot! Hope everybody gets to see this and start using tabs as they are meant to. *

by kharriman 24 Jan 2009

That's very helpful. Thank you. *4U

by jayemcee46 17 Dec 2008

this site has grown so much over the past few months, it needs a little tweaking and thank you for what you do to make things easier for it to work, it's a mammoth task Jo

by michelej 17 Dec 2008

Thanks for all you are doing....

by gerryvb 17 Dec 2008

well you've done a great job Marji!! I think it will work, let's try to use it as it is meant to be by you. thanks for all the work you did!

by blessinge 16 Dec 2008

Thanks for all of your hard work, it is incredible what you have done. Hopefully this will make it easier to navigate through all of the posts to find just you are looking for.
Thanks again

by mops Moderator 16 Dec 2008

This will bring it to the top again. Thanks Marji.

by sherylac 15 Dec 2008

Thanks Marji, for all of your hard work!

by mariahail 15 Dec 2008

I agree with Tery, thanks for working so hard for all of us.****

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sandralochran by sandralochran 15 Dec 2008

I also agree Thanks

by marjialexa Moderator 15 Dec 2008

Perhaps Veronika will find a place for these, I don't know. It would be helpful. For now, if you just put "tutorial" in that "search topic" box, they will all come up. Thank you all for your nice comments, I certainly appreciate it, and it was fun doing it for all of us! Love you, Marji

by dlonnahawkins 15 Dec 2008

Marji you are working hard with this, but I am with Teri - are these going to be on a home page or somewhere easier to access than the community? Our community has grown so much, which is good, but it is hard to navigate from time to time, and especially if you are out for a couple days.

by simplyrosie 15 Dec 2008

Thanks Marji... will these tutorials be posted on the homepage? Once they get burried in 'community', no one will refer back to them.

by salsabil 15 Dec 2008

Thanks; I will do my very best!

by auntbaba 15 Dec 2008

Wow, you've done a lot of work! Thank-you. *4U

by wolkgab 15 Dec 2008


by dgrammy 14 Dec 2008

Thank you so much for this,*4u

by sissibrode 14 Dec 2008

Thanks marji *4u

by blhamblen 14 Dec 2008


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by marjialexa Moderator 13 Dec 2008

By the way, just to remind you, I'm making these "tutorials" with Veronika's blessing, to help out the site, because I have the time to do it, and hopefully the expertise (we'll see about that part, hee hee hee). If you want to find any of my site tutorials, just put "tutorial" in the search box on the left, they should come up. Or, click on the check mark by my avatar, it will turn orange. Then you can search by your checked posts to find them again. I sure hope this will help everyone, and all the new folks coming. Thanks, Marji

by marjialexa Moderator 13 Dec 2008

This is a picture of the post with "designs" selected, and the tags for specific freebies added. Again, the FEWER tags you use, the easier the sort will be. The pictured post is going to show up in BOTH a sort for 'freebies' and a sort for 'alphabets'. If someone is only looking for freebies that are not alphabets, they're going to get this alphabet post in thier sort anyway, mucking it up. Maybe that's no big deal, I don't know. You freebie gals will have to decide that among yourselves. I'm just explaining how the website functions work, and can work to the best advantage.

mariahail by mariahail 15 Dec 2008


marjialexa by marjialexa 01 Aug 2009

read this third

marjialexa by marjialexa 01 Aug 2009

read this third

by marjialexa Moderator 13 Dec 2008

This should be a pictue of the drop-down menu you will get in your post when you go to put in the topic. For any freebies at all, choose the topic "designs". I know "general" is higlighted in red, that's just the way the screenshot came out. The questions all default to "general" unless you choose something else. For freebies of any sort at all, alphabets, hunts, reminders, new sites, whatever involves a freebie, choose "designs". Also choose "designs" for notifications about new websites, etc., anything pertaining to designs. For those who might not know, the little arrow beside the "general" in the box is how you get the rest of the menu to show up. Pardon to anyone who knows this, but if there's only one person who doesn't, that's the one I'm aiming to reach.

marjialexa by marjialexa 13 Dec 2008

moving up to get in order

adelmarie by adelmarie 24 Jan 2009

thanks for the tutorials, hopefully people will satrt fowwolling these an It will make it easier to browse thru the pages

marjialexa by marjialexa 01 Aug 2009

read this second

by marjialexa Moderator 13 Dec 2008

Posting freebies, new hunts, etc.:
First, any freebie post should be put in the category of "designs". When you go to make a post, at the end there is a place where you can choose a category topic, please choose "designs" INSTEAD of "general". You can then add a separate tag for what the post is about. If it's a freebie, add that as a tag. If it's an alphabet, like a new letter posted in a hunt, add "alphabet" INSTEAD of "freebie". If it's just a new hunt that is not an alphabet, add "hunt" INSTEAD of "freebie". Now, here's why: The list of topics across the top of the page is a SORT function for the website. If you all put your posts in the "Designs" category, INSTEAD OF THE GENERAL CATEGORY, VERY IMPORTANT, then you can just click on "Designs", and the site sorts the questions, eliminating any that are not categorized "designs". That way, all you will see in that sort will be things pertaining to designs, and nothing else. You can simply add this search to "my favorite topics" at the upper left side of the page, if you want. Then, just below that, is a place to search popular topics. If you click on "alphabet", the website will further search the topic by the tag "alphabet", and you will have all the posts concerning alphabets, same for "freebie", same for "hunt". If you put more tags than necessary in your posts, everyone is going to end up with a muddied sort. If your post is about an alphabet, just stick to that tag, DON'T put "freebie" and "hunt" also. The more separate you keep these tags, the better this will work. As far as the website is concerned, each tag is unique. You'll have to be consistent on which tag you use. "alphabet" is not the same as "alphabets", and the sort function will NOT find any posts tagged "alphabet" if you search for "alpha" or "alphabets". This is the way the site is designed, and can't be changed. If you look at the list of topics on the left side, you'll see all the different ways people have tagged posts. Until you all agree on which tags you're going to use, you may have to search all variants of that tag. But it will still be a LOT easier than having everything jumbled under the "general" heading. And, those who don't want to read all the posts about freebies can just sort by "general" and the other topics, leaving out "designs", and won't have to go thru all the freebie posts. And EVERYONE will be happy, and nobody will have to miss alphabets, YAY!!! Ok? Pictures to follow.

marjialexa by marjialexa 13 Dec 2008

moving up to keep in order

marjialexa by marjialexa 13 Dec 2008

one more time, sigh, I'll get it yet.

marjialexa by marjialexa 01 Aug 2009

ttt Please read this first.