by abeille78 13 Dec 2008

A personnal creation: knit and embrodery... I have digitized both spiderman, his favorit hero...

But the scraf has been stolen at school! He his so disappointed that I must make an other one....

Sorry, it is really difficult for me, French, to write English!!!!


by migs 15 Dec 2008

love your project & I'm sure he was over-the-moon with his gift. Isn't it just awful that it got stolen - they sure start young! Excellent job at digitizing & looks like you hv a good tension in your knitting. *:* Beautiful work

by simplyrosie 15 Dec 2008

You did a wonderful job! And your english is better than some people who are native to English speaking countries. :-) I was a math major, so putting a subject and verb together never was my specialty. haha. But regardless, your project is just spectacular!

by geruvyme 14 Dec 2008

it is cute and it seems someone else liked it too maybe that is why they stole it! flowers for you

by blhamblen 14 Dec 2008

How wonderful that you shared your talent:) I'm learning to knit cables, your's are perfect!

by castelyn 14 Dec 2008

It looks great.

by michelej 14 Dec 2008

Very nice!!! Sorry his scarf got stolen. Your English writing is very good so don`t worry.....

by manami 14 Dec 2008

This is so lovely! You have done an excellent job, Abeille!!! And welcome to Cute!

by shirlener88 13 Dec 2008

abeille78, WELCOME to the CUTE family - this is a lovely project - you write in English very well. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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abeille78 by abeille78 13 Dec 2008

English is difficult for me... I am a retired grand-mother & I never leared it at school.
So I must write with my dictionnary open!
I do the same to learn Embird: I have this soft since 10months and I have purchase a tutorial to learn it but it is in English!!!!
These are opportunity to practice!

by nini 13 Dec 2008

Bienvenue! J'aime bien ton travail! Étant une "abeille", ça ne sera rien pour toi de faire un autre cachecol pour l'enfant de ton voisin! Tu deserves bien une fleur!

by shirleysisson 13 Dec 2008

Looks great. Well done. *4U

by lenamae 13 Dec 2008

You are so nice to do this for your neighbors chile he will love this . you did well on it nice design .Yhanks for sharing with us.

by ddoersch 13 Dec 2008

Oh, he will love it...

by elaine45 13 Dec 2008

Your neighbor's child is very lucky...great job.

by mops Moderator 13 Dec 2008

Lovely present. What a shame the scarf was stolen. Nice designs you made. And your English is much better than my French!!

by stickmuster 13 Dec 2008

lovely present, *4U