by coco128 13 Dec 2008

I've re-threaded, I've wound a new bobbin, I changed needle, I cleaned out bobbin area, but I still get looping under and sometime on top of embroidery. Can you imagine with so many gifts to make....:O( Any ideas would be so appreciated. It's a Viking SE...thanks girls..I know you all know how it feels....


by sqdancer 13 Dec 2008

After you have checked to make sure everything is cleared out maybe you could try a different bobbin thread...good luck

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coco128 by coco128 13 Dec 2008

thank you sqdancer, I did some sewing stitches with different thread in bobbin and they don't look so good...kinda loose and loopy...thanks for your support...*4u

by jrob Moderator 13 Dec 2008

ouch! I'm sorry that is a terrible thing to have happen right now. Have you tried removing the throat plate to be sure that there isn't something up under there? I hope it is an easy fix.

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coco128 by coco128 13 Dec 2008

Oh Jerrilyn, yes I did...I'm hoping that dealer can look at and say ..oh yeah, this is it..fix it oh so quickly and come back home quick as a bunny. thanks for your support...*4u (throat plate is that 'silver steel thing' where needle goes thru-right??-LOL)