by elaine45 11 Dec 2008

it dose when we vote from here.


by clawton 11 Dec 2008

I thought all along that the votes there were automatic when you visited since I never noticed any place to officially register a vote as we do here. But we know that this is a better site no matter how the results show.

by gerryb 11 Dec 2008

I've been going to SICK for years. And just yesterday noticed the notice at the top saying it was checked for virus' with the current date! I am so glad they do that as seems some folks are getting a virus from different sites! SICK and Cute are the best!!

by sambsranch 11 Dec 2008

I get embroidery Designs by sick all the time... They have some very nice ones... Also U can get FREEBIES from them every hour and daily...
Sam *4U

by sufferingsonje 11 Dec 2008

You have to enter Embroidery top site to vote. Sick always had that on his pages. They were off for a while and now they are back. If you dont enter the site you are not voting. Lots of member were voting before. They will probably start again *4u

by jand803 11 Dec 2008

I don't get the front page that has the 'enter this site' on it. I do get a beautiful page of candy canes for a few seconds. I still like both of these sites, Cute and Designs by Sick. I have a link to each one of them on my home page. I hope Cute doesn't expect me to visit only this site. No, I am not telling who I vote for or when I vote. I just wanted to add my thoughts on this.

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marjialexa by marjialexa 11 Dec 2008

Ok, SiCK changed it again, now I only get the original page, plus the background of candy canes. They've been working on the site for the past few days pretty actively, so I'd expect things to be in flux for a bit. Thanks for your post, I agree, 2 great sites. M

by marjialexa Moderator 11 Dec 2008

SiCK has been on the internet for more than 6 years, and they also sell designs on eBay. They give away a free daily design, and 2 free hourly designs. How do they get votes? They probably have 10 times more traffic to the site than Cute does! A certain percentage will vote. Shawn and Linda Knight (owners) are good, reputable people that wouldn't stoop to 'stealing' votes, they have no reason to, their business is quite successful. If you don't go to the Embroidery Top website and click "enter this site", you haven't voted. Embroidery Top is set up that way to prevent automated votes, "enter this site" is another form of firewall. A LOT of sites use this kind of front page to prevent automated entry. Please let's not get another urban legend started here. SiCK is a reputable site, McAfee certified secure and tested every day. If you don't care to go there, that's ok, but please don't make accusations without foundation against someone's good name, ok? I don't mean to be picky, but this sort of speculation can be so hurtful, and I don't think that's what we're about here. Love you guys!! Marji

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jasanne by jasanne 11 Dec 2008

Well said Marji!

by blhamblen 11 Dec 2008

I kind of thought that all along...I don't know how else they could get that many votes without asking members to vote?!?

by marjialexa Moderator 11 Dec 2008

I think they just have a new front page, Elaine, you still have to go to Embroidery Top to vote for anyone. That 'enter this site' is just the way some sites are set up, and SiCK has just done a major overhaul of the site, and hopefully a server upgrade, too. I wouldn't worry about going to SiCK. The 'enter this site' page is just another kind of firewall to make it harder for automated things to enter the site, you have to be a real person to click on the 'enter'. Have a beautiful day!! Marji

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elaine45 by elaine45 11 Dec 2008

You'd better look again because it looks just like it does when we cote from here.