by mandor64 01 Dec 2008

I promised my friend to help her make a baby blanket for her newborn niece and ended up making it all myself. By the way, I didn't mind, .. actually loved the end result. Not bad for the first one.. he.. Mary


by lbrow 02 Dec 2008

Nice job Mandor *4U

by elaine45 02 Dec 2008

Not bad indeed...wonderful in fact.

by blackie 02 Dec 2008

JUst adorable - your friend is very lucky - something to treasure for years to come

by grandmamek 02 Dec 2008

very nice!

by iris2006 02 Dec 2008

Cute and beautiful blanket

by shirleysisson 02 Dec 2008

Very cute. *4U

by gyseb 02 Dec 2008

Very beautiful.

by stickmuster 02 Dec 2008

very fine designs and colors, BEAUTIFUL *****

by manami 02 Dec 2008

It looks lovely, Mary! Your friend will treasure it.

by lenamae 02 Dec 2008

beary beary sweet I kove it I know it will be loved.

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mandor64 by mandor64 02 Dec 2008

Thanks,almost feel like having another baby, just to make a baby quilt... ha.. Mary

by castelyn 02 Dec 2008

Looks very nice

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mandor64 by mandor64 02 Dec 2008

Thanks, that material was easy to embroider on and it looks as good in presence as it does on the picture. Mary

by nonna57 01 Dec 2008

You know the saying "too many cooks spoil the broth" well I think it was a wise move to do it yourself. (from experience):)

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mandor64 by mandor64 01 Dec 2008

That was very cheeky of me... ha.. but you are sooo right... Mary

by shirlener88 01 Dec 2008

Mary, beary cute.

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mandor64 by mandor64 01 Dec 2008

Yes, beary, beary! Mary