by mariahail 25 Nov 2008

before, so I was not aware that I was bothering someone or hurting this site.Lately I have noticed how lots of cuties go to projects, comments, etc., and don't even leave flowers for their fellow cuties. I know we are not obligated to do it, but this site is all about been nice to each others and to share.As I feel that this comment was in part directed to me, I want to wish you very happy holidays and to say Good bye to everybody here, that had been so nice and sweet to me. This is my last post for cuties I hope this will make somebody happy.


by marjialexa Moderator 26 Nov 2008

Maria, we have been saying for a long time that this is the "Cute Family", and walking away is not the way families solve differences of opinion. Please, please do not take Shirlene's post personally!! It was not meant for you, or anyone else personally! It's just that there are so many posts now that the site has grown so large that there needs to be some organization to them for us who have time limitations. Not one of us who answered Shirlene's post, and not Shirlene herself, said that anyone was hurting the site, or bothering the rest of us, or that we would be happy to see anyone leave. That's just not true. Every one of you is a valuable asset to this community. But this disorganization is time-consuming. One day last week I got to page 5 before there was one single post that didn't have to do with a 'freebie' somewhere, and several were duplicates. They were posted or answered in a 3 hour period. And they were all tagged 'general', so I couldn't even sort past them. Please, no one is asking you not to post freebies! Some of us would just like it if they were tagged 'freebie' INSTEAD of 'general', that's all. For those who say they never heard of this 'rule', first of all it's not a 'rule', it's a simple request for a bit of sorting, and using tags that are already at the left of the page. Second, it's because of all the hurt feelings and guilt and apologies that accompany these 'tempests in a teapot' that occur when certain suggestions are made, so the suggestions are either never made or dropped, and everything goes on as it was. I dearly hope no one takes any of this personally, because it is NOT meant as such. This is just a simple plea for a little organization to the posts. You are each and every one valuable to me, and I care about you. For the life of me I cannot see why asking that the tags already provided to the left of the page be used is such a personally offensive request to be made of anyone. Please, can we try to be the family we say we are? My love, Marji

by mimisue 26 Nov 2008

I have been on this site for awhile, but really don't know much about flowers, etc. I guess you need to send info to new people so we will know how it works. How do you give people flowers? I noticed a few weeks ago that my flower number was getting bigger but did not know why. I do not digitize so I really appreciate getting designs from you who do. Thanks

by bunnylane 26 Nov 2008

I didn't know how to use this site either. I have been here for a while but not to active. When I started reading more what everyone posted I have gotten more new designs free.My husband has cancer so I have to keep a tight budget. Maybe someone who has been here longer should let everyone know how it works. I am to hard headed to let someone make me leave. There are some very nice people here.And I have gotten a lot of help just by reading.Hope you will change your mind.And may God Bless

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stitchship by stitchship 26 Nov 2008

I for one am glad that you are not leaving. You are right, there are some nice people here. I will add your husband to my prayer list. I hope things get sorted out this time.

by blessinge 26 Nov 2008

You have to understand that was NOT directed at you or anyone else, it was a suggestion on using the bookmark section for freebies instead of posting them under the "ASK the community" tab. Shirlene is a wonderul, caring person, she would never intentionally hurt anyone. As far as the flowers, it is not mandatory to give people flowers,although it is a nice gesture. You shouldn't expect to get or give flowers for anything that is posted. I notice some leave a post that does not answer the question that was asked, and some just post anything just to get flowers.
I hope we can all work this out without causing any hard feelings or causing people to leave this wonderful site that Veronika has created.

by brendaleas 26 Nov 2008

My Dear Mariahail,
Please, Please forgive me if I said or did anything to hurt you. I don't think I have, but just in case. Sometimes my way of saying things in type, is not the way I'd say them in person.
Please my Dear Stay right here with us who love you. and your free designs.
I am not sure what has happened.
But Please stay.
Brenda Lea

by dgrammy 26 Nov 2008

You do not need to apologize, for you have done nothing wrong.I want to say Thank you for all your posts and I would miss you and do not want anyone to leave.I love the freebie posts and would miss out on alot without all you wonderful cuties sharing your finds and your wonderful reminders.You can see there are many cuties that would miss you.Maybe there will be a tab for freebies in the future and a tutorial to explain how everything is suppose to work.I have posted freebies and puppy pics here,so you are not alone. I hope we can all move beyond this and get everything worked out so we can all enjoy the cute we love. This place has always been so special because of the love you could feel for each other and it would be so sad to lose that and you are a part of that special love .Please don't leave the cute family,all familys have problems and they can be worked out.Please have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know your cute family loves you.

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peggy by peggy 26 Nov 2008

I don't understand what is happening. How can this site be anything but a positive experience for all. Am I missing something? I am fairly new and looking forward to checking out the site before work. Gosh, there is so much good here, please disregard the negative. In today's world we all need kindness from and to others.

by ssarner 26 Nov 2008

Dear Maria,

Don't leave. When I 1st came on 2 this site, some people throught I was man. I was very hurt & mad. Then, I said 2 myself. There are lots good people here. Why let few bad & ignorant ones to overpower the majority good ones here. I came back. Not only that, I decide from then on whenever I digitize a set of font/alpha, I will give 2 all the cuties free.

by meganne 26 Nov 2008

Maria, let me just say this one thing:
knowing Shirlene as I do, her message was not directed at, nor intended for, any one person.
Shirlene has a true heart of gold filled with love for everyone and her message was intended to open a discussion with the intention of improving our Cute experience for all of us.
Please go and read my post in answer to Shirlene's and perhaps it may help you get a better insight into why the posting of freebies is becoming a problem for "some" Cuties.
And if you leave I'll personally Spam you to death until you come back!!!! :-}}} hugs n roses, Meganne

by sherylac 26 Nov 2008

Maria, I don't wish for you to leave, but, it is your choice to do, as is everyone's. The question here, really is, do you like this site and the interaction that you have with fellow embroiderers,(if there is such a word) or are you not happy here? I for one am only recently new, about 3 months, and I know that I have received help and advice from you and lots of others in that time. Whether or not it be questions or Free downloads from another site. I would not like you to leave but, its in your court, if you feel that you want to leave everyone's friendship, go for it!!! I know that we will be the loosers for it and certainly you will as well. So, whatever you decide, I wish well, and its nice to know you!!

by michelej 26 Nov 2008

Oh mariahail, please don`t leave. I haven`t been here for long myself either, but you were always here before me!! I love to read your comments and never to see your name here again would really upset me.... You would be missed dearly by many for sure....hugs Michele

by emily16838 26 Nov 2008

Please don't leave I love all your help I would be loss without you!! Look at all your flowers

by sanc 26 Nov 2008

I, too, did not know about the bookmarks. I have only been here a few months. I do not post often, but I frequently give flowers - especially for the freebies. I have purchased more designs than I have downloaded freebies, but I look forward to checking them out. I like to know about new sites.
I did not see the comments so this is all new to me.
I also enjoy all the hints and tips. I have no idea how to post a project. I've enjoyed your comments and freebies and have often given you flowers.

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meganne by meganne 26 Nov 2008

If you need help to post a project Sanc all you need do is ask.
Provided your post doesn't get lost among all the freebies postings, some Cutie is bound to come to your assistance, even me if I see your post. LOL! hugs n roses, Meganne

by suezz 25 Nov 2008

I would hate to see anyone leave because of what was said. We all have done the same thing. That is just another good reason to have a tab on how this site works. When most of us signed on to Cute we didn't know how the site worked!! I guest that is my 2cents worth. *4U

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meganne by meganne 26 Nov 2008

Now THAT is a GREAT idea Sue and one we have previously suggested to Veronika, but poor Miss V has been so busy trying to keep up with other site improvements and digitising, i think she may have forgotten about this suggestion. Perhaps you'd like to suggest it to her by posting to the Community Suggestions. Hugs n roses, Meganne

by misscharlie 25 Nov 2008

Maria I love you, you are my dearest friend. Please stay if you go then I too must go.
Do not let anyone keep you from what brings joy to your heart and soul. Instead please let the ones that do bring joy to your life keep bringing that joy to your life. Follow your heart that feels the love, not your head that knows the opposite.

by dlonnahawkins 25 Nov 2008

Maria - we have all been guilty of it from time to time. We want you to stay, and I am sure Shirlene was not directing this to any one person. Our community has grown so much and we have become so diversified that we need to limit some things from time to time. Please stay with us, and we love to see all of the beautiful things that you do.

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misscharlie by misscharlie 25 Nov 2008

you won't see them anymore she deleted them all

by sandralochran 25 Nov 2008

Please stay .

by elaine45 25 Nov 2008

It was not just I think that a most of us are guilty of doing it I know I was. Maybe we will think twice about it from now on. Please don't go it is not anymore our fault than anyone Else's. I think we all just got carried away wanting to tell others of our great finds.

by raels011 25 Nov 2008

Please stay We have all been guilty at times

by mpo14011 25 Nov 2008

Don't go Maria! I have been guilty of the same thing, and I do go to Bookmarks to have a look. I agree with what Shirlene has said. I said the same thing some time ago.I am a very organized person and I like everything in its place. I think that is what Veronika is trying to do.There is now a section for almost anything, and we can post the Freebies in Bookmarks.No one is having a go at you, Maria. We will miss you if you go, so, DON'T GO! STAY!

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mariahail by mariahail 25 Nov 2008

No one is guilty, general, means general....and everybody post freebies there, she is just saying that because during the last two days I had posted lots of freebies,****

by mad14kt 25 Nov 2008

Mariahail...PLEASE don't leave the hobby you LOVE...this was not intended for anyone specific. However; I assure you that you have met many friends while here. Some for a lifetime and some for a season. Your freebies have been enjoyed by many. Let's have a FIESTA TIME being CREATIVE ;) *2U for Staying

by sewingerr 25 Nov 2008

well maria I think you dont leave...Like cuties everyone here like flowers, freebies, post, including LOL, for some post too. Im here about 2 month, and Im sign, I guess, all the day, every day. i never have been in other place like this, and I like this a lot... Im giving you in this moment a flower, with perfume*... thanks for everyhting...this words are with my poor english, you're so cute for us... seeya tomorow.

by modo 25 Nov 2008

I love people telling me about a new site that they discover, ask for a vote for one desing or remind me a weekly freebie, I think that it is all part of this site and should stay;and even if we talk sometimes about our family, trip or sickness, is in it all about of being part of a family? Mariahail,please do not go, we all love you here*

by debrar 25 Nov 2008

Don't leave. I love the freebes and so do my neices, gran neices, step gran children, nephew friends and family. I don't even know about the bookmarks. Just remember they DO NOT have to look. We love you and you know you would miss us. I would miss your nice comments and flowers. I have found that those who give nice comments to others do so because they are happy and blessed people. So stay, how "bout" it.

by superfroggirl 25 Nov 2008

Don't leave!! I have only been on here for a few months.. and i have aquired A LOT of freebies because of your posts!! I didnt know there was somewhere else they were supposed to go!! I love to leave flowers for everyone!! even if i just read and don't post I always give them!! it makes everyone happy!! it's a nice token of appreciation!!
please don't stop posting!!

by americangirl 25 Nov 2008

Most all of us have been quilty of this. I'm quilty of putting posts her too. :o)

by manami 25 Nov 2008

Maria, please dont leave us. You're one the few that kindly gives 'flowers' (I should say hugs, instead, that is what I see on those flowers) to everyone and contribute greatly to this site. I'm sad if I don't see you here again, as I love and appreciate everything you post here. Please dont go.

by marymoore 25 Nov 2008

oh maria dont go i love your freebies posts yes they are suppose to go in bookmarks but no one goes there anymore because of what happened someone posted a link to the quiltery and it was for all the designs not just the freebies so please just hang in there ok

by sissibrode 25 Nov 2008

I think this is for those who download the freebies never leave a word ...
I offer you a flower of friendship

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Nov 2008

Please keep posting. I too have posted in the wrong place because I too did not know. There is a lot I still find confusing and I expect that goes for others too. Shirleeners message was not a personal one to you so be a Cute and reconsider *4u

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mariahail by mariahail 25 Nov 2008

No, it was not a personal, it would have been a lot more decent to PM me and tell me hey, look this is what you are doing wrong, like sister do. Love.***

by shirlener88 25 Nov 2008

Maria, that comment was not directed to you or any one person - I have done the very same thing - so do not think that - if you want to help - post your things in the section that was created for it. And by all means give flowers to whomever you believe should receive them - I do with things that I never even comment on.