by blessinge 25 Nov 2008

Thanks in advance.



by captiveillusions 26 Nov 2008

Looks like you got some great answers to a great question. I'm getting ready to do some fleece blankets for Christmas donations to needy children, and hadn't though of using the WSS top & bottom. That'll make them look much nicer. Thanks everyone. * for all. :)

by blessinge 26 Nov 2008

Thanks everyone for the answers. I really appreciate it.

by shirlener88 25 Nov 2008

Ardith, on many of the blankets that I have done over the years - I have used double thickness of the topping WSS in the top and the botton and it works great - I have had to use triple before because of the loft of the fabric - but in this case you have a good thickness and might not have any loft on the backside of your suede. Go for it - see what happens. Hehehe!

by misscharlie 25 Nov 2008

I would check the washing instructions for the blanket. If it is machine washable I would only use WSS on it top and bottom. Tear away may pull at the thread and may take forever to pick away. If it can't be machine washed then I would get the heat and gone stabilizer that you use an iron to get rid of. GL *

by celticlady1031 25 Nov 2008

I just embroidered on a blanket for my daughter and used tear away. If your designs are just lettering you might consider wss instead of tearaway.

by ashta 25 Nov 2008

When I did an afghan with names and designs I used a water soluble on the bottom and the designs came out beautifully. If the material has a nap, you may want to use a piece on top as well:-)

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by blessinge 25 Nov 2008

Not all my question came through. Anyway, can I use a tear away so the stabilizer doesn't show or should I use a cut away? I was hoping to keep the back of the blanket neat.
Thanks, Ardith