by annmounce 24 Nov 2008

I have only tried applique 3 or 4 times, maybe. I made this little skirt for my youngest granddaughter and made a coordinating Turkey shirt that I'll post. I enjoyed working with the flat skirt front, prior to constructing the skirt, as opposed to working with a little onesie or tiny t-shirt. Also, I knew if I messed up, all I had to do was to cut another skirt front piece. The project went well---a good learning experience.


by lbrow 24 Nov 2008

Excellent job Ann *4U

by stickmuster 24 Nov 2008

Very pretty skirt, thanks for sharing; *******

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annmounce by annmounce 24 Nov 2008


by shirlener88 24 Nov 2008

Oh Ann - you did a great job with this machine applique - I can't wait to see the whole set on your youngest GD. Hehehe!

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annmounce by annmounce 24 Nov 2008

Yes, I hope to get a picture during Thanksgiving. Will plan to post it. :-)

by michelej 24 Nov 2008

Job well done...