by coco128 21 Nov 2008

gals, have you noticed that designsbysick has changed ...need to sign up for forum and make a posting b4 getting freebies....


by kezza2sew 21 Nov 2008

Yes I did, if I have to post to get a freebie, then I'll probably not go there....
I really don't think I will miss some free designs, as already I need to live another 100 yrs or so to use what I have anyway... Plus I have bought many off them already...still not stitched them out..

by lbrow 21 Nov 2008

Oh yes!! I noticed I did it all & posted but it still would not give me the hrly design *4U

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elaine45 by elaine45 21 Nov 2008

You have to post something in order to get your design.....Cuties site is really going to look good

by misscharlie 21 Nov 2008

Hmmm I wonder if that will knock them out of first place??? I won't go anymore that's for sure.*

by clawton 21 Nov 2008

Looks like that is way they were off line this morning. We'll see how it goes. I registered but haven't checked my email since to see.

by meganne 21 Nov 2008

Please accept my Apologies. I hadn't bothered to visit Sick since 4 am this morning,,,, but I just saw their newest message, (which has changed since then) Maybe they ARE going to change their requirements. Certainly looks like something new is happening and I can't blame them, it must be difficult to make a living when they give away so many designs and their others are priced so low.
hugs n roses, Meganne

by meganne 21 Nov 2008

It is only temporary while their site is Offline for upgrading. hnr, M

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coco128 by coco128 21 Nov 2008

Ooooooh..thanks so much, Meganne...*4u