by jayemcee46 21 Nov 2008

All stitched on satin which I think gives a quality look and padded with a light wadding. All free designs from somewhere.


by michelej 23 Nov 2008

These are lovely cards. Well done..

by lbrow 22 Nov 2008

Marvelous job jay *4U

by shirlener88 21 Nov 2008

Jo, very pretty work!

by shirleysisson 21 Nov 2008

Lovely. *4U

by elaine45 21 Nov 2008

Beautiful cards.

by stickmuster 21 Nov 2008

Very pretty christmas cards. *4U

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jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 21 Nov 2008

thank you * 4u Jo

by mops Moderator 21 Nov 2008

They are so pretty! Flower for sharing.

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jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 21 Nov 2008

thank you *4u too Jo

by brendaleas 21 Nov 2008

So pretty, Okay walk me through the steps. Is the embro. done on fabic? and glued to cardstock? and what are the other items on the cards, Embro. or stamps? I have never gotten up the nerve to make any cards yet. I'd like to make my Mom one for Christmas to show her what my machine can do.
She is going to be 85 Dec.28. and she is in better health than me. Brenda Lea

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jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 21 Nov 2008

Brenda - the design is stitched out on satin fabric in the 4x4 hoop,stabilised as usual. Lightly press any wrinkles from the material after removing ffrom hoop.It's then cut to size to fit behind the window. I use a very sticky double sided tape around the window to fix the material. I cut a piece of light wadding and lay that on top. I use the same tape to go around the edges of the flap (these are double fold cards)to enclose the 2 layers. The cards are availble freely in craft shops here (UK)as are the peel off finishing touches to the corners. I hope this helps and try some, it's easier than you think. Your mother is a fine age, my good wishes to her - she'll love the card you are going to make for her. Hugs Jo

by dmuser 21 Nov 2008

I love your Christmas Cards! Where did you get the cards? I would love to make some.

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jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 21 Nov 2008

I buy my cards from a local craft shop - they are freely available in different sizes and colours. I can also order any card through the shop. (I'm in UK)Hope that helps and welcome to cute enjoy your time here. Hugs Jo