by dinkie 18 Nov 2008

Please help again-I can not get on to amazing embroidery designs web site. Is anyone else having trouble? Thanks


by coco128 18 Nov 2008

I just got the "I"...all fine..*4u

by captiveillusions 18 Nov 2008

Yes they posted G & H, I missed F, trying to be more diligent in getting on there everyday.

by kezza2sew 18 Nov 2008

Did they post G and H or was I too busy to d/l them?
Don't worry I have had my mind on other things lately....
I just got "I" ok..

by sueffb1 18 Nov 2008

Dinkie, I just tried and it was fine. Sue

by 100pandas 18 Nov 2008

Just tried got on fine.

by clawton 18 Nov 2008

I was earlier. I think they just get very busy sometimes. Try again.