by freida 18 Nov 2008

Hi, Cuties, I need help with the Snowflake alphabet. I still need " I, P, X ".

Help, please. Thank you each and every one. Freida


by jrob Moderator 18 Nov 2008

Freida, direct this via PM to Letvia and she will get it on the list and get everyone behind your request after the one that is running now.;)

by captiveillusions 18 Nov 2008

Well, I didn't find this site until we were part way through, I still need B through H and X. I'll vote for you too!

by crowe 18 Nov 2008

Voted for you. Good luck. I need B,V to complete.

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freida by freida 18 Nov 2008

I'll vote for these for you until the win. Thank you for the help