by migs 17 Nov 2008

Might be a silly question, but Oh Well!

Below our welcome name is the word flowers: can you tell me exactly what these flowers are? Number getting higher but don't know why.
Thks Marg


by jrob Moderator 18 Nov 2008

I just wanted to pop in and say WELCOME and I'm happy you are here. Added to your flower population on my way through.;)

by captiveillusions 18 Nov 2008

I had the same question when I first joined the Cutie crew. It's fun to watch your number go up every day, so come back, visit often, answer posts and post your own & that number will keep going up. :) here's another one for you!

by nonna57 18 Nov 2008

Welcome , take time to just stop & smell the flowers. Flowers make the day & put a smile on your face. Hope to see you hear regular :)

by debleerl 18 Nov 2008

Welcome, and another flower for your (*4U)

by clawton 18 Nov 2008

Glad you have joined us.

by marjialexa Moderator 18 Nov 2008

Welcome to the Cute Family, Migs! As Lillian said, the flowers we give by clicking on the flower to the left side of a name, and we give them to say "thanks", "good advice", or just "glad you're here"! And I just gave you another one, because I'm glad you're here!! Do join us often! Marji

migs by migs 18 Nov 2008

Marji,Takes me a bit to catch on I'm afraid "old timers disease" lol. I can click the flower on the right & see it change, one on the left under picture (ie; beside your answer for instance) does nothing. So if I'm not doing this right - I'll get there someday LOL but thk you *:*

clawton by clawton 18 Nov 2008

One under picture is just a total. You can give them to anyone but yourself, one time.

by geruvyme 17 Nov 2008

may you be surrounded with flowers and new friends!

by lbrow 17 Nov 2008

Giving u flowers is just our way of saying "hi we like u & we r glad to have u with us. a brief hug for a job well done or just because we don't really have to have a reason. It makes u smile & it makes us happy knowing we made u smile. U simply click on the flower by someones name & it goes to that person. Welcome Migs to the wonderful World of Cute embroidery, we r pleased to have u with us *4U

by blhamblen 17 Nov 2008

Cuz we all LOVE you:) click on flowers to the left of this post under popular topics and it explaines it all. WELCOME

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migs by migs 18 Nov 2008

sorry to be a pain, but I don't see popular topics????? Pls point me in the right "looking" direction. Honest, I hv my glasses on but maybe I need my eyes re-checked.